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IJSRP, Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2015 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Conservation and Management of Biodiversity of Daringabadi Hill Forest of Eastern Ghat, Odisha
      R.P.Panda, N.Peetabas
Abstract: Biodiversity plays an important role in the sustenance of mankind. Loss of Bio-resources will lead to extinction of living beings. The health of natural environment depends upon continuing diversity, if one species is lost from the ecosystem, then all the other species of ecosystem are affected. our earth has already witnessed three mass extinctions in the past and another is on the way. This bio-resources which are not only key to our future food security but also our healthy living and sustenance. It has been estimated that there exists about 5-30 million species on our earth of these only 1.5 million species have been identified. These include 3 lakh species of green plants and fungi , 8 lakh species of insects, 40,000 species of vertebrates and 36,000 species of micro-organisms. Distribution of bio-diversity is not uniform over the earth surface, some regions are rich in biodiversity, while other regions are poor in biodiversity. India has a rich and varied heritage of biodiversity encompassing a wide spectrum of habitats from tropical rain forest to alpine vegetables and from temperate forest to coastal wetlands. Loss of biodiversity in Daringbadi Hill Forest is a burning problem. The causes are deforestation, climatic change, shifting cultivation , soil erosion, infiltration, encroachment, forestfire and grazing etc. The current rate of extinction demands conservation, strategies of bio-diversity by using in situ and ex-situ method.

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