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IJSRP, Volume 5, Issue 5, May 2015 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Patient’s Perception Regarding Nursing Care at Inpatient Department of Hospitals in Bhaktapur District
      Sumitra Twayana, Ram Hari Adhikari
Abstract: Health is a fundamental human right and essence of productive life. Hospital is the part of social system which provides health care services to the sick people. The services at hospital is mostly depends on the nursing care because they spend more time with patients care for their better health. The study objective is to assess the patients’ perception regarding nursing care in Inpatient Department off Hospitals in Bhaktapur District. A descriptive cross- sectional study was used to study patients’ perception on nursing care at hospitals in Bhaktapur District. A total of 140 respondents were selected for the study by questionnaire including Likert Scale was used to collect the data. Descriptive and inferential statistic (Chi – Square Test) was used to identify the association between the variables by using SPSS version 21. Results: The results of the study showed that the mean age of respondents was 43.21 with SD (+) or (-) 18.9. The total mean score of patients’ perception of nursing care on Likert Scale was 97.32 out of 115, with a standard deviation of (+) or (-) 13.45 and 63.6 % of respondents (n=89) had positive perception whereas 36.4% of respondents(n=51) had negative perception on overall aspect of nursing care. There were 33.6% of respondents (n=47) who had negative perception in the dimension of Physical Environment and Facilities. Conclusion and Recommendation: The finding showed that there was no association between demographic characteristics with the levels of perception with the nursing care. Recommendation: In order to provide quality health care services and facilities to the patients the patients’ perception towards nursing services should be monitor routinely at the hospital

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