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How to Choose a Research Topic and How to Develop it into an Interesting Paper

Research Topic

Choosing a research paper topic is not a simple task. But the key to make it simple is by choosing something manageable, setting some boundaries and focusing on your area of work and interest. Great papers can be written in almost all fields but you should try to settle on something that is important and genuinely interests you.

Never try to pursue a topic just to impress your professor rather choose a topic that catches your interest the most. This would be easier with the courses within your major. You should try to apply to the issues linked with your major to the topic given to you. You should know how to defend your choice of that particular topic and easily explain the methodology you have selected for it. You should be well aware of the current theories related to your topic and make sure that you can situate your work and make a good contribution. Major problem in choosing a topic for research is ensuring its originality. To make sure what you are doing is new, try talking to someone already working in that area or at least familiar about the same. Librarians can prove to be experts in locating the information you are looking for. If you don’t find enough information about a topic you can always consult a librarian before giving up on it. An expert can help you find a closely related topic if there is not much information on your chosen topic. Reading the entire history of the literature or work in that particular area can prove to be inefficient and catch you in controversies that are old and forgotten for good. It is advisable to ponder at recent surveys and research work that has been done before in that area. You should be able to convince the reader that the novel ideas which you have used in your paper can prove to be great contributions.

Your findings are more likely to be noticed if your topic sparks general interest. Focus yourself in reading and discussing things with your peer group and advisors. It is unlikely that you are able to write a masterpiece in your first attempt. It is very essential to choose an interesting research topic for your PhD subject because it would be cited in your CV. If you are successful with it then it can set a pattern for the rest of your career.

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