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IJSRP, Volume 8, Issue 9, September 2018 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

September 2018 publication has started and publication will continue till 26th September 2018
Authors who paid publication fee after 2nd September, their paper will publish in September edition latest by 26th September or before.
Online print version will release latest by 30th September. Download cover page for this edition.

Indexing and Correction:
Indexing will start after 26th September and minor corrections are accepted till 26th September 2018.
If minor correction required, send email to and ask for formatted (.doc/docx) paper.

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      Kalyango Ssenabulya James, Kenneth Ssemwogerere

Abstract: Traditionally, Photovoltaic (PV) modules have been perceived as technical devices other than design elements, often integrated onto building envelopes in more often than not as a non-aesthetical component thereby appearing as afterthoughts. This in the end compromises a building’s design aesthetics while in pursue of green and clean energy. Furthermore in Uganda, the energy costs of operating facilities especially large building portfolios such as hotels, shopping malls and arcades are consistently rising due to the high rate of growth of demand for electricity.

      Oscar T. Vallejo

Abstract: The main purpose of the study was to promote healthy food habits and preferences among Millennials. It made use of the descriptive survey methods. Findings revealed that majority of Millennial respondents have a poor health related which includes eating junk foods, fast-foods, chicken and pork, drinking soft-drinks, not eating vegetables and less walking. They practiced unhealthy eating habits such as not eating fruits, vegetables and did not try to have healthy diet. Favorite viand, eating fruits and fast-food were highly significant with food habits. Food preferences related to health related practices show that there were highly significant relationship between vegetable preferences and favorite viand and fruit preferences and eating breakfast practices were negative significant.

      Pauk Pauk, Cho Cho Khaing

Abstract: Pump technology is a proven technology in the world. The application and use of pumps today are universal. Modern public utilities, chemical plants, municipal water and sewage works, and other fields too numerous to mention would be seriously handicapped if these machines did not exit.

      Huinee Voon, Tengku Mohammad Ariff

Abstract: Accidents and human errors at the workplace are usually deal with safety being emphasized. However, as physical and engineering approach are usually use to prevent workplace incidents and accidents that may results in physical injuries or harms, there are scarcity on what is known regarding a worker’s mental health and well-being in relation with their job.

      Masambaya F. N, Oludhe C, Lukorito C. B and Onwonga, R

Abstract: Efforts towards attainment of sustainable economic growth and food security in Kenya are under increasing threats due the adverse effects of climate change. This study therefore, sought to assess the vulnerability of maize production to climate change in major maize producing counties of Kenya’s Rift Valley region, using the indicator approach.

      Haritha C.J

Abstract: Education of the people is the basic objectives of development, it is the important ends in life. The educational systems of many developing nations sometimes act to increase rather than to decrease income inequalities .The issue of private versus public education has been of great significance in developing countries. Public school refers to which are owned managed & financed by the state.

      Filgona Joel, Hamawa Stephen, Absolom Zena, Danis P. Wayagoron and Tula, M.Y

Abstract: Typhoid fever constitutes significant health problems in developing countries. This study examines the trend of typhoid fever retrospectively over a 4-year period among patients attending general hospital Mubi, Adamawa State. Medical records of clinically diagnosed patients with confirmed Salmonella infections were reviewed for the said period. Laboratory diagnosis for typhoid cases in this hospital was based on Widal agglutination tests.

      Kyi Kyi Pyone

Abstract: In these days, what we used to know as freak weather is no longer freak after all, but something to be expected, something that occurs, if not with seasonal regularity but with frequencies of alarming quantities. Therefore, weather abnormalities form a clear and present danger and so well all have to chip in to give momentum to that noble and grand effort to establish a green infrastructure on this planet. The essence of putting to place a green infrastructure is to reduce energy consumption, a necessary evil in the present day civilized and progressive society.

      Rendika Vhalery, Nofriansyah

Abstract: This study is aimed at comparing team-assisted individualization learning model and scramble learning model toward student’s learning activities on social science subject, SMP Negeri 19 Palembang. This is a comparative study using a completely randomized design

      Dr John Jiya

Abstract: The study was designed to investigate the effect of Counselling in promoting the social skills of secondary school students who are socially challenged based on the adapted socialability questionnaire measures. Experimental design and cluster sampling were employed with a sample size of 205 subjects.

      IJI, C. O. Ph.D, ABAKPA, B. O. Ph.D, AGBO-EGWU, A. O. Ph.D,& FEKUMO, B.

Abstract: This study investigated the use of modeling by mathematics teachers in their teaching of mathematics. In the specific objectives, it sought the mathematics teachers’ awareness in the use of modeling in mathematics education as well as the level of utilization. The study was conducted in Kolokuma/Opokuma local government area of Bayelsa state in Nigeria. It adopted a survey research design with a population of 47 mathematics teachers in ten secondary schools. A sample of 20 out of this population was used.

      Aniket Bari

Abstract: Electromyography signal carries valuable information regarding the nerve system. So the aim of this paper is to give ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬-brief information about EMG signal detection technique in voluntary muscle movement of human being. In this paper, method is applied to analyze EMG signal with detection, processing and application.

      Thet Yee Mon, San Hlaing Oo, Hnin Ei Phyu

Abstract: This paper emphasizes design and implementation of 3 Axis Airfoil Maker Machine using Arduino microcontroller based on computerized numerical controller (CNC) machine. In this work, there are two main points that are design and construction of machine and programming the motor control algorithm. The size of machine is portable and desktop version.

      Muchie Shiferaw, Mulugeta Kibret

Abstract: The objective of this study was to assess the microbial quality of fruits used for preparation of juices from juice houses of Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia. The mean aerobic mesophilic counts from avocado surface, avocado peel, guava surface and guava peel were 5.24, 4.88, 4.98 and 4.35log10cfu/g, respectively.

      Asst. Prof. Rahmatullah Pashtoon, Asst. Prof. Abdul Ahad Zahid

Abstract: The main problem that GDP and the BoP-data are confronted within developing countries is the fact that informal and illegal transactions are not included in this data. Therefore, the published statistics do not show a true picture with respect to developing countries economic performance.

      Ashok Kumar, Dr. Praveen Sharma, Dr. D.D. Dwivedi

Abstract: An attempt has been made to study on physico - chemical condition of Yamuna river water. Three sampling sites were selected for the study. The duration of study was July 2016 to June 2017. The parameters studied were temperature, turbidity, pH, hardness, TDS, DO, BOD, and COD were found above the tolerance limit. Thus the water of river Yamuna was unfit for human consumption.

      Abdullah, Taufiq, Luk Luk Fuadah

Abstract: This research aims to analyze the effect of independent board of directors composition, independent audit committee, firm characteristics as (firm size and profitability) to the integrated reporting disclosure of the manufacturing firms listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange. The population used in this research consists from 150 firms period 2015-2017. Purposive sampling was implemented in this research.

      Shirish R Bhagvat, Mehdi Kazerouni, Suhas Parikh, Amol Wagh, Jalbaji P More, Prachiti S Gokhe

Abstract: Background: Compression of celiac artery due to unusual placement of median arcuate ligament which is ligamentous continuation of diaphragm over aorta results into symptom complex called as median arcuate ligament syndrome or Harjola Marable syndrome. All the patients who have unusally low lying median arcuate ligament may or may not be symptomatic.

      Mbogoh, Elizabeth Wanjira

Abstract: Effective Project Management is entirely dependent on an individual with great leadership skills, because without a good leader, a project is unlikely to be completed successfully. The successful completion of projects is the primary responsibility and goal of the Project Manager, who will have a lot of weight on their shoulders when it comes to making the right decisions. While some people possess natural leadership qualities, other leadership skills must be learned and adapted to ensure that each individual’s approach to leadership is tailored to suit their own individual style and personality.

      Dr Biju C Mathew

Abstract: On May 22nd 2018, Dr Norbert W. Tietz a towering personality and authority on clinical chemistry died in Atlanta, Georgia, USA at the age of 91. His demise marks the end of a remarkable professional career with seminal contributions as an educator, scientist, mentor and author in the areas of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. Born in Stettin, Germany in 1926, one of seven children, Dr Tietz received the degree of Doctor of Natural Sciences in 1950 from the Technical University in Stuttgart, Germany and was a research fellow from 1951 to 1954 at the University of Munich, working on the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and related aspects of lipid metabolism.

      Shwe Wut Hmon Aye

Abstract: Zinc is highly reactive in all kinds of environments and has a natural tendency to form different types of corrosion products with different corrosion rates. Electrochemical studies typically use a conventional three-electrode setup to study the mechanisms and propose advanced corrosion models. However, for certain electrochemical applications a two-electrode configuration is more suitable. In particular, the analysis of atmospheric corrosion with microelectrodes under very thin electrolyte layers would benefit from such a configuration. In this investigation, a two-electrode configuration was compared with a conventional three-electrode cell to study the corrosion behavior of zinc.

      Abdijabbar Ismail Nor

Abstract: This policy is designed to provide an appropriate, clear, and consistent framework for the assessment of employees’ performance within the context of work improvement, self-evaluation and development planning. It ensures that managers fairly and equitably review the performance of their employees and ensures that each employee is delivering high quality service to stakeholders, and is treating colleagues with dignity and respect.

      Ankit Kumar

Abstract: I propose a scattered, supportive message activity blockage control and spread figuring CCMDA utilizing ITS that effects fruitful utilization of correspondence to channel, keeps up zone protection, more secure voyaging and air condition and gives drivers unfaltering data on improvement deters over long segments. Advancement articles ought to encourage with each other by utilizing vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) correspondence approaches, as the correspondence data is the best unutilized thoroughly factor in ITS for diminishing message activity blockages in correspondence channel (CCH), sparing travel time, decreasing heap up, lessening air contaminations, lowing centrality utilize and in addition giving requesting data amidst improvements.

      Ali .K. Hasan and Azhar.N.Rahim

Abstract: In this article, we assess the accuracy of theoretical shell model in calculating the excited states of Sodium isotopes24,26Na on the basis of recently reported experimental results. The assessments rely on the calculations of the energy levels, reduced electric quadrupole transition probabilities B(E2) and reduced magnetic dipole transition probabilities B(M1) are based on OXBASH shell model code by applying USDB interaction.

      Andrea Disanferdinand

Abstract: Human resource management plays a vital role in the structure of every organization. It is the backbone of the company, responsible for recruiting, managing, and directing all of its employees, managing them as well as the workplace as a whole (Griffith College, 2011). For a company striving for upward mobility and achievement, good human resource management is imperative. As the company changes, the human resource department must not only adapt to that change, but in a sense, forecast those changes so that it is prepared to deal with the challenges ahead. The following research paper will give a comprehensive human resource management review as well discuss in depth the key components of human resource management:

      Ratiranjan Jena, Biswajeet Pradhan

Abstract: Ninety percent of major earthquakes of the world directly indicating the sources of subduction and collision zones with shallow, intermediate, and deep focus earthquakes. The state of Sabah not indicating a high seismic risk zone and not directly associated with the Ring of fire. Nevertheless, it is positive towards seismic risk as the state experienced more than 65 earthquakes.

      Dr. Abdullahi Sarkin Gulbi, Dr. Umar Ahmed

Abstract: Dialect refers to regional variety of language with differences in vocabulary, grammar as well as pronunciation. Dialect therefore is a kind of variation that exists in the use of language from one part of the region to the other that shares the same language. A language without dialect is in the verge of extinction. Hausa language is very rich in terms of number of speakers that uses the language across the Hausaland and beyond. This makes the language to be a lingua franca and as such has various dialects. The Hausa scholars classified Hausa dialect into Western and Eastern dialects respectively. This paper therefore is aim at exploring the relevance of Hausa dialect in Hausa regional identity.The methodology to employed in carrying out the research is by careful observation of the use of dialects by the respective speakers of Hausa dialectical regions.

      Khema Theint

Abstract: The goal of this paper is to calculate the blade design of axial flow compressor. Main objective of the compressor usage is to compress the fluid and to deliver higher pressure than its original pressure. So, the stagnation pressure ratio and overall pressure ratio are calculated in this paper. Blade mean diameter is 0.295 m for all five stages.

      Harish Kumar. M, Thamizharasan. K, Snega Priya. P, Ashwitha. A, Sankari. D

Abstract: The objective of the study was to reduce the dental plaque formation by the inhibitory effect of the extracts taken from Psidium guajava and eggshell against the pathogens present in the plaque. 10 plaque samples were collected and bacterial colony was isolated by using different media (Blood agar media, Nutrient media, and nutrient broth).

      Paola Gavilán, Gloria Ayala, Diosnel Amarilla M, Celina Recalde, Agustina Nakayama and Juan Caballero

Abstract: In Paraguay, the consumption of medicinal herbs in traditional beverages is strongly ingrained. Antiparasitic herbs are widely used as necessary for the elimination of parasites. The objective of the work was to determine the knowledge of the students of the Faculty of Health Sciences, regarding the antiparasitic medicinal herbs, period 2017. The study is descriptive, field, cross section with a single measurement.

      Nisreen Husain and Touseef Hussain Trak

Abstract: Humankind and animal life as well is being constantly subjected to the impacts of rapid environmental changes in the past few decades. The accelerated changes resulting from industrialization and significant increase in global population over the last century have resulted in irreversible damage and loss of resources.

      Freden S. Delgado, Felyn Mae G. Yap, Rosemarie L. Luces

Abstract: The study was conducted at Capiz State University during academic year 2017-2018. The primarily objectives of this study was to determine the level of work motivation and its relationship to job performance of non-academic staff of Capiz State University. Data were analyzed using both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Results were interpreted at 5 percent alpha level of significance. As to the personal characteristics of the respondents, a bigger percentage of the respondents were females, 30-40 years old, married, bachelor’s degree holders, non-permanent, have been serving CapSU for 10 years and below, and earning Php10,000.00 and below. Generally, the non-academic staff of CapSU have “high” level of work motivation. Overall, the non-academic staff of CapSU have “very good” performance in their job. There is significant relationship between level of work motivation and job performance (r=0.548, p=0.000).

      Omer A.Khalid, Mubarak H. Elhafian, Afra H. Abdulatif

Abstract: In this paper, weexamined K-means clustering algorithm as one of the methods of data clustering and analysis process. The proposed study investigated the k-means algorithm with different size of samples. This study was tested the diabetes UCI standard dataset as case study. We start our experiments with 1015(Random number) sample size, and then we increase the sample size for each run by 1015 units. The elapsed time for each tested was calculated and reported for investigation process. Our investigation procedure was conducted using the R software..

      Toe Toe Hlaing

Abstract: There are some rural areas in Myanmar where have no electricity. They rely on solar cells, small windmills, hydropower and generators which can produce electricity to use for domestic. Solar, Windmill and Hydropower depend on climate and Generator needs fuel to electrify. We cannot forecast the weather conditions and cannot afford the today’s fuel price. This paper presents the design and construction of Low Speed Axial Flux Generator with stationary bike that utilizes locally available materials. This cannot depend on weather conditions, fuel and can use anytime at anywhere without pollution. By taking the stationary bike it will be like doing physical exercise which can lead us to being well.

      Budi Sudarwanto, Gagoek Hardiman, Atiek Suprapti, Agung B Sardjono

Abstract: This research aims to describe and find the knowledge concept related to the the urban kampong’s ability to survive and adapt through local economic culture. The research methods employed in this research were the ethnography and the grounded theory, and its process was done by applying qualitative research steps. The combination of both research techniques are formulated as ‘QUAL + qual’ in which the ethnography is the first method while the grounded theory is the second one. This research found that Bustaman is the kampong of curry.

      V.K.A.S.M. Wanasinghe, K.M.G. Chanchala, D.Navia, L. Nugaliyadde and N.S.Aratchige

Abstract: Some warty patches slightly raised from the surface of the leaf sheath of some sugarcane plants in a sugarcane field at Sevanagala (60 36’ N, 800 87’ E), Sri Lanka, were observed during a field inspection in July 2016. These patches were irregular in shape and watery in appearance initially. Later, they become dry and reddish to dark red in colour. Microscopic examination on the damaged leaf sheaths showed large a population of minute mite. This study was conducted from July to September 2016 to identify this mite species and to investigate its damage symptoms and the occurrence in all sugarcane-growing areas in Sri Lanka.

      Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Luong Thi Hong Ngan, Nguyen Hoang Vinh, Tran Ngoc Hai

Abstract: The study was performed to assess the effects of different feeding rations on growth and feed efficiency of the black tiger shrimp (Peneaus monodon) co-cultured with red seaweed (Gracilaria tenuistipitata) in tanks. Shrimp was mono-cultured and fed commercial feed (CF) to satiation considered as a control and the five other treatments, shrimps were co-cultured with red seaweed (1 kg m-3) and received CF at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% and 0% feed ration of the control. Juvenile shrimps with mean initial weight of 0.46-0.51 g were run in triplicate and stocked at a density of 100 ind. m-3, and at salinity of 15 ppt.

      Ahmad Zahir Wali, Mohammad Naeem Saad

Abstract: This study is conducted to explore and identify factors that put students at risk. Secondly, it introduces teaching practices that are found to be helpful in dealing with those students who are entitled at-risk. The data for the study has been collected through a critical review of available literature. The findings indicate that different factors related to school, personal life, family and community contribute in putting students at-risk. The findings also show that caring and committed teaching, involvement in learning, peer tutoring, tutoring and small groups are the beneficial teaching practices for students at-risk.

      Adie, J. A.; Beshel, I. A. and Abua, P. U.

Abstract: This study examined Awareness and knowledge of health workers towards professional team work in hospitals in Northern senatorial district of Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve the objective of the study, three specific objectives were developed from which three research questions were stream - line for the study. The study adopted a social survey research design and a questionnaire was used to gather information. A sample of 250 health professionals were randomly drawn from three hospitals from the area for the study. A structured questionnaire was used to obtain the opinion of the health workers and percentage was used to analyse the data.

      Dr.Kagendo Jane Francis, Prof. Leonard Musyoka Kisovi and Dr.Samuel Ojuk Chuuk Otor

Abstract: International development platforms and commitments have expressed the need for male-partner participation in Maternal and Child Wellbeing (MCW) programmes pointing to the beneficial effects of their participation. Men have a clear role in decision making regarding their families’ reproductive health, however their participation has remained low especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many factors could be implied for their low level of participation some of which are related to the programme policies and their implementation. In Kiambu County, Kenya, where this study was carried out, a low (3%) male partner level of participation in maternal and child well-being programmes (Kiambu County Strategic Plan for 2008-2012) was identified as a challenge to successful implementation of the programmes. There was no earlier study on factors that could be implied for the low male participation.

      Dr. K. T. Takwate

Abstract: This study investigated school facilities allocation, availability and maintenance as correlate of academic performance of Senior Secondary School students in Adamawa State, Nigeria. Correlational research design was adopted for the study. A sample of 153 school principals and 377 teachers were randomly drawn from 248 senior secondary schools and 6,450 teachers respectively using proportionate sampling technique. Two questionnaires titled “School Facilities Planning and Allocation Questionnaire (SFAQ) and Management of School Facilities Questionnaire (MSFQ)”, students’ academic performance proforma and checklist were used for data collection.

      PT. Mohamed Niyas, M.Siraji

Abstract: The general aim of this project is to evaluate the factors that influence labor turnover within the Qatar, with a focus placed on Sri Lanka. Using a structured questionnaire, a total of 277 valid responses have been collected from June to July 2017. The Structure Equation Modelling (SEM) has been used to analyses the influencing factors on labour turn

      Galadima, J.S, Olowolafe E.A And Laka, I.S.

Abstract: Nitrogen is a macro nutrient that is essential to crop growth and production. One of the major constraints to sustainable crop production on the Jos Plateau is soil fertility. The availability of nitrogen and other essential plant nutrients in the soil is a key indicator of soil fertility. The content of nitrogen in soils is affected by a number of factors such as drainage, texture and slope steepness. This study was conducted on one of the important parent materials on the Jos Plateau, biotite-granite, taking into account the influence of topography and management practices by farmers. The result showed that the nitrogen content of the soils were quite low.

      Jaya Bishnu Pradhan

Abstract: Mathematics is taken as one of the difficult subject in school education. One of the reasons for taking mathematics as a difficult subjects is due to its abstract nature. The metaphor is a mapping of two conceptual domains: sources and target. The source domain helps student to translate their everyday experiences into an abstract and unfamiliar mathematical content knowledge known as target domain.

      Prof. Jafar Makau Kaura, Shehu Abdur-Rahman Aboki,

Abstract: Shafaah and Istighathah are both Sufi terminologies that have become controversial areas of discourse. While Shafaah is intercession and pleading on behalf of someone with Allah on the Day of Judgement Istighathah is the saving power of Awliya Allah and seeking help from them dead or alive.

      Ahmed Dheyaa Basha

Abstract: E-learning has been used by numerous higher learning institutions around the globe to teaching and learning activities numbers of factors how effect or influence on e-learning especially in Emerging universities (EU). This paper attempts to sight on important e-learning factors in (EU). Framework has been proposed to investigate or explain the simultaneous effects of important factors on each other and their collective through e-learning in (EU). Questionnaire in this paper gathered was analyzed by using structural equation modeling (SEM) in SPSS AMOS. All respondents were instructors from University of Sumer-Iraq.

      Shine.F, and A.Akhila Thomas, Shibu Joseph S.T, Dhanya Raj

Abstract: Nanotechnology involves the application of materials at the nanoscale to new products or processes. The interest in nanomaterials is a result of the extreme dependence of properties (electronic, magnetic, optical, mechanical, etc.) on particle size and shape in the 1-100 nm regime. The 1-100 nm scale is of interest for biological interfaces because objects less than 12 nm in diameter may cross the blood-brain barrier [.Sonavane ,et al;2008 ] and objects of 30nm or less can be endocytosed by cells [Connor,et al; 2005].However the impact of these nanomaterials on environmental health remains unclear.( Maynard,et al;2006).

      Rakibul Hasan Raki, Syed Shakil Ahmed, Md. Eusuf Amin, Shafikul Islam

Abstract: One of the main educational aims of the internationalization of higher education is to organize students to purpose in an international and inter-cultural context. Annually a huge number of international student were coming Chinese college and universities for their higher education which requires them to adjust to a new environment a new culture, often accompanied by a cultural shock experience. The study focused on current situation of international student and cultural adoption of international students and educational evaluation.

      Wint War Myint, Hla Myo Tun, Khin Sandar Tun

Abstract: Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) combining engineering approach and medical approach is popular in medical works. Bone fracture detection system which is medical image processing is one important system in CAD field. The purpose of this work is that Lower Leg Bone (Tibia) in x-ray image is used to detect fracture or not by computer vision system. Bone fracture is a common problem which is mostly encountered in recent year. Using image processing tools, bone injury diagnosis is developed to be more accurate and reliable. Generally, fracture detection systems use image processing tools in matlab based on mathematical calculation. Automatic fracture detection system can effectively aid to doctors and radiologists to overcome heavy workload. The proposed system was implemented by preprocessing, feature extraction and classification. Sharpening is used for preprocessing, Harris corner detection is used for corner feature and SVM is used for classification. According to the result, the algorithm can correctly classify normal bone and broken bone with good accurate and quick rate with efficient features and single classifier.

      Nwaugo Goodseed Ochulor

Abstract: This study examines women- versus-women language use to underscore the fact that women languages are never neutral but embody ideologies and power relations. Literature is filled with men versus women discourses with more of stereotypical conclusions about women language use, leading to voicelessness in respect of women versus women subjugation. Using the tool of Critical Discourse Analysis, this study examined some excerpts from a Nigerian film titled A Little Lie to underscore some systems of bias and subjugation in some women’s language against their sisters. The analysis of the women language use showed evidences of superiority/inferiority and domination of some women by other women as a result of childlessness The study recommends that the identity of a woman among her peers should not be determined by whether she has a child or not. In addition, an intentional effort be made to throw in voices into this voiceless area by feminists’ proponents, in order to liberate some of these women who are treated as less than a human by other women.

      Amani Jridi

Abstract: Data Science, a field that puts order into chaos, transforms the ambiguity of abstractions into tangible information, and moves beyond mere theories to introduce concrete changes in the world around us. Change! An abstract notion likely to become concrete if the promising developments this field has to offer are successfully implemented in developing countries where the infrastructure does not allow for a smooth use of the strategies and techniques opted for in developed countries. My article was initially inspired by Professor Joshua Evan Blumenstock’s attempt at establishing an alliance between Data Science and Economy with the view of using the former as an efficient tool to eradicate poverty.

      Sukanto, Bambang Juanda, Akhmad Fauzi, Sri Mulatsih

Abstract: Specific allocation funds to the regions are still needed due to inequality of regional financial capacity. Areas with low financial capability are identical to those underdeveloped regions, which have relatively low levels of economic growth and high level of unemployment. This study analyzes the impact of specific allocation funds on economic growth and unemployment through the regional expenditure mechanism, using panel data from 2010-2015, while the simultaneous equation model is estimated using the Two Stage Least Square (2SLS) method. The results of the study indicate that the Specific Allocation Fund does not affect capital expenditures in the regency areas, but does so in the cities. Specific Allocation Funds have a significant influence on economic growth and unemployment through capital expenditure transmission. Going forward, the government needs to increase.

      Chandam Thoisana Singh

Abstract: This paper presents a design of a compact control circuit for electric furnace, a low voltage power supply (6V unregulated) is utilized to supply the dc Voltages of the system, the circuit is design to produce a fixed selected time frame of 200ms containing 10 complete cycle of main ac voltage. In this time frame on (high) period is 194 ms and off (low) period is 6ms. During the on period a selected short burst of ac cycles can be made to pass through the load by triggering the power triac.

      Ebieto, C. E

Abstract: In this paper, computer software is designed for optimum scheduling of timetable for courses in educational institutions. This system uses Dynamic Slot Algorithm (DSA) with the application of Constraint Satisfaction Programming. The algorithm was transformed into a program using Microsoft Excel-visual basic for application (Excel-VBA). It has been used for the timetable of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Port Harcourt. Results obtained are better than those generated manually by the human timetabler as they show a much higher space and time utilization, apart from the great speed associated with computer productions.

      Reem Alotaibi

Abstract: This study investigates Saudi EFL learners L2 metaphoric language knowledge through a multiple-choice pre-test questionnaire. This questionnaire was re-administered after participants watched the videos containing the same metaphors. Results suggested that learners lack figurative language knowledge, yet when these were exposed in videos a significant improvement was seen through the post-test questionnaire. Results were analyzed in terms of literal and non-literal choices demonstrated in the questionnaire. Also, a contrastive model of six types of metaphors developed by Charteris-Black (2002) was considered in analyzing the poor performances drawn by participants.

      Nguyen Thanh Long, Mai Viet Van, Dang Thi Phuong, Naoki Tojo and Tran Dac Dinh

Abstract: A study on the major fisheries was conducted from August 2017 to April 2018 in coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Results showed that the gillnets, trawl nets, and stow nets were the main fishing gears, accounted for the highest number of fishing boats and yields. All the fishing gears exploited for the whole year-round. The results also indicated that gillnets fishery is the largest scale (10.99 tons). The most effective fishing activity of gillnets fishy was the highest profit (298 million VND per year) (p <0.05). However, the highest fishing yield (20.42 tons/year) was found in trawler but it had the lowest rate of return (0.45 times) and trash-fish portion accounted the highest ratio (38.4%). Although the stow nets had highest rate of return (1.41 times), but they were lowest yield (7.17 tons/year) and high portion of trash-fish. The high proportion of trash-fish may affect to fisheries resources. For the sustainable development of the fisheries in the Mekong Delta, the development and management of fisheries resources should be promoted, supporting fishermen to access low interest rates to invest in capture production, and training fishermen to use advanced fishing gear to increase their fishing efficiency.

      Lei Lei Win

Abstract: Typically, Myanmar is the most religious Buddhist country with regard to the percentage of the population living as monks and the amount of money spent on religion. Pāḷi is a language that has been widely used in the Buddhist scriptures. Generally, the Pāḷi word are expressed with stacked consonant so that there may be some difficulties to pronounce the Myanmar Pāḷi word. Therefore, this paper presents the text to speech system for Myanmar Pāḷi word by using Romanization rules. Firstly, the input words or sentences in Pāḷi are accepted. Then, these words are checked as it is Pāḷi words or not by using rules for Pāḷi.

      Leah Nyambura Kariuki, Dr. Susan Wekesa

Abstract: The aim of the study was to determine the influence of human resource development practices on performance of academic staff in Technical Training Institutions in Kenya focusing on Thika Technical Training Institute (TTTI). The objective of the study was to determine the influence of training, career development and employee empowerment on performance of academic staff in Thika Technical Training Institute. This study adopted case study research design. The study targeted 250 academic staff across five departments of TTTI, from which a sample of 100 respondents were drawn for the study. The sample was selected through stratified sampling technique.

      Ekwuluo M. O, Ebiana C. A Udom G. J and Osu C. I

Abstract: A careful observation of the degradation pattern of PAH with remediation techniques revealed that lager groups pose great resistances to degradations.

      Sailaja S and Parameshwari .S

Abstract: Sensory evaluation of food is a growing science, which is of particular interest for typical products such as those having a Ash gourd and Amla based Juice and Soup. This manuscript will concentrate mainly on two products: (a) Juice and (b) Soup. The main objective of the study was to analyse the sensory scores of the various samples of the juice and soup rank the different samples according to their sensory qualities, using statistical analysis.

      Abdul Rachim, Taufik Hidayat and Hamdani

Abstract: This study aims to determine the performance of agricultural extension workers, know the success of farmers, analyze the relationship between the performance of agricultural extension workers and the success of farmers and analyze the relationship of each factor: knowledge, skills, motivation, attitudes, facilities and distance of residence with the performance of agricultural extension workers in the development of livestock bali cattle in Long Ikis District, Paser Regency.

      Dr.Gitumani Sarma and D. I. Mazumder

Abstract: Bianchi Type-I cosmological model in General Relativity is investigated. To get an exact solution of Einstein’s Field equation we have taken Gravitational constant and Cosmological constant. It is observed that Einstein’s Field Equations are solvable. Some physical and geometrical properties also discussed. Two phenomenological decay of cosmological constant have been discussed.

      B. T. Shah, K. J. Joshi and Dr. (Mrs.) V. R. Rathod

Abstract: Any polymorphism in human blood has a potential use for the forensic scientist in his attempt to typify blood in dried stain form or to separate and distinguish between two or more possible sources for that stain. PGM1 typing is an important system used to solve the paternity disputes as well as other medicolegal cases. The present study was undertaken to determine the gene frequency of Phosphoglucomutase (PGM1) subtype in the population

      Shalini Srotaswini

Abstract: The objective of the present investigation is to obtain the influence of facultative bacteria (Bacillus Cereus) on the strength of concrete made with and without bacteria.

      Emybel M. Alegre

Abstract: The study was to determine the perceived difficulties of K-12 Mathematics Curriculum in Grade 7 students. The adoption of the new curriculum (K-12) is said to enhance the quality of basic education .Additionally, the K to 10 Mathematics Curriculum provides a solid foundation for Mathematics at Grades 11 to 12.

      Dr Ramanathan Mohan

Abstract: Smart Cities with Middleware and RPA becomes a strong research area. The reason is the ability of middleware technologies with RPA technologies to integrate and solve problems to build a smart city. This paper aims in providing a solution framework using RPA for smart cities.

      Eseyin, Olushola O. Udom, G. J Osu Charles I.

Abstract: This study assessed the concentrations and potential exposure pathways for physiochemical parameters near unengineered dumpsite in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Cross sectional study was conducted on leachates, borehole water (from less than 1 km and another about 10 km away from the dumpsite), soil and two edible plants (Pawpaw and Potatoes).

      Eseyin, Olushola Olorunfemi., Udom, G. J., Osu Charles I.

Abstract: There are two major seasons in Nigeria – wet and dry season. This study was carried out to assess concentrations and seasonal variations in heavy metals in leachates, borehole water, soil and edible plants around unengineered dumpsites in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Samples of leachates, borehole water within 300m from each unengineered dumpsites, soil samples, and two edible plants were collected around each unengineered dumpsites; all for analysis of heavy metal contaminations.

      K. J. Joshi, B. T. Shah and Dr. (Mrs.) V. R. Rathod

Abstract: Haptoglobin (abbreviated as Hp) is a protein in the blood plasma that binds free hemoglobin released from erythrocytes with high affinity and thereby inhibits its oxidative activity. Three phenotypes of Hp found in humans: Hp 1-1, Hp 2-1, and Hp 2-2.

      Khaled Ennajar, L.Nessef

Abstract: Health care has become the most important public value. Many goverments are facing necessity for changes in the entire social system. Today health insuranes are models that are few decades or even a hundred years old. This is a review of modern health systems around the world.



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