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IJSRP, Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2013 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Naipaul’s India: A Million Mutinies Now: A Political Perspective
      Bhupinder Singh
Abstract: V.S. Naipaul was born in Trinidad to parents of Indian descent. He is a postcolonial writer, who has focused much on the legacy of colonialism of the British Empire through his writings. His novels are situated both in the colonial as well as ex-colonial societies. The New York Review of Books celebrates him as “a master of modern English prose. The major themes of his novels are linked with the problems of the colonized people. The present article attempts to show the impact of the colonial rule on the politics of the rulers of independent India. The author compels irresistible aesthetic pull in his projection of the politics of the Indian rulers after the end of British colonial rule. In his book India: A Million Mutinies Now, Naipaul argues that the differences on the basis of class, caste, gender, religion lead to million mutinies i.e. fragmentation of Indian society. The political leadership is responsible for the infighting among Indians on various issues such as region, religion, caste or language. Castes dominate the political scenario in India. National issues are neglected often at the expense of the local ones. Politicians are more concerned about their own well being than the nation. There is loss of culture, tradition and religious identity. There is hardly any attempt made to preserve and propagate the Indian culture, language and religious beliefs. Contrary to this all out efforts are made to westernize the Indian society by promoting the language and culture of the colonizers. The satirical portrayal by Naipaul of Indian separatism, regionalism and its split into diverse groups depicts the divisive policies followed by the Indian rulers. In Lillian Feder’s considered opinion, V.S. Naipaul

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