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IJSRP, Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2016 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Nutritional Contribution of Mid-Day Meal (MDM) as per quantity normsatUpper Primary Classes in Delhi
      Lalita, Rekhi T
Abstract: Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MDMS) is the World largest school feeding programme in the nation. It has been reported that MDMS has catered to the nutritional needs of school children in both rural and urban areas. The present study was, therefore, an attempt to evaluate the nutritional contribution of MDM norms at Upper primary Classes. For the purpose, sixty school children in the age group 10-12 years were randomly selected with equal number from both Girls and Boys schools. It was observed that a cyclic menu for six days provided by mid- Day Meal Cell was uniformly followed by both schools. The data revealed that Aloo Sabji with Poori was the most liked meal (45%) followed by Sambhar Rice (35%), Poori Chole (30%), Khadi Rice (30%) and Rice Chole (29%). The least preferred meal was Halwa with Black Chana (26%). The Mid day meal was found to be a substitute rather than a supplement for the home meal. The energy and protein content of six days menu varied from 350-386 Kcal and 10.9- 11.9 g protein per day which was below the recommended norms of 750 Kcal and 20 g protein. Attempts were made to replicate MDMs recipes at Institute to compute their nutritive contribution. These recipes were modified to include 75g seasonal vegetables (including GLVs), increasing pulses to 30g and also adding 10g soyabean (granules/ flour) to meet suggested protein norm (20g). Cereal amount was kept as 75g as consuming 150g was not possible by the children.

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