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IJSRP, Volume 9, Issue 10, October 2019 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

October 2019 publication has started and publication will continue till 28th October 2019
Authors who paid publication fee after 3rd October, their paper will publish in October edition in next slots i.e. 12th October or 18th October or 28th October.
Online print version will release latest by 30th October. Download cover page for this edition.

Indexing and Correction:
Indexing will start after 26th September and minor corrections are accepted till 26th October 2019.
If minor correction required, send email to and ask for formatted (.doc/docx) paper.

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      Malenya James Mosebe, Professor John Byaruhanga, Professor Were Edmond

Abstract: Foreign Direct Investment is an integral part of an open and effective international economic system and a major catalyst to development. Yet, benefits of FDI do not accrue automatically and evenly across countries, sectors, and local communities even within regional economic integration context. It is not different in the EAC region since its establishment in 1999. The re-establishment of the East African Community (EAC) created a larger regional market; therefore firms can be located in any EAC country to service this market.

      De. Khin Mar Yee, Dr. Mu Mu Than, Dr. Kyi Lint, Dr. May Myat Thu, Dr. Chan Mya Hmway, Dr. Mar Lar Han

Abstract: This research relates to a relatively understudied landform, the oxbow lake. The work utilizes oxbow lakes to ascertain the extent and nature of change in a river’s form, and to study on the man-made of the geomorphological change of Bago River. It also looks at the incidence of oxbow lakes and alluvial cutoffs across a watershed, and examines the spatial-temporal distribution of these landforms for morphological changes. The objectives of this study were to investigate the document of changes in channel planform and cross-section of the Bago River and to analayse whether the changes could have contributed to the frequent flooding or vice versa. The main data applies six satellite images (1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017) with less than 10 percent cloud cover and download from the United States of Geological Survey

      Sugiyanto and Indrawati

Abstract: Subjek penelitian ini adalah PT Indosat Ooredoo di Sulawesi Selatan, terdiri atas dua Sales Area, enam Micro Cluster, 24 Kabuapten dan 305 kecamatan. Kondisi geografis yang luas, demografi yang menyebar, Coverage 4G yang terbatas (46%), sumberdaya perusahaan yang terbatas budget, channel distribution, people, budge promosi, untuk itu perlu kiranya dilakukan formulasi strategi segmentasi penjualan untuk menentukan wilayah pemenangan yang akan dijadikan focus

      Mayur Ramgir

Abstract: IoT Powered Automated AI-Enabled Medical Kiosk is a completely automated medical sysstem and a remote-controlled device with various sensors that aim to give medical access even to remotest parts of the world where medical facilities are not well developed. This could save countless lives, as people from such places are not able to get medical attention on time. The patients will be able to access the most qualified doctors even if they are from a remote place, able to send their diagnostic reports and counter their condition 24/7[2].

      B.O. Kambona

Abstract: Scarcity of natural resources has broadened the interest in alternatives to conventional materials used in concrete production.

      Indrajayanti Ratnaningsih, Tjandrakirana, Z.A.I. Supardi

Abstract: Research was aimed to developed science learning tools with guided inquiry on subject matter sense of hearing and sonar system through 4D models to increase creative thinking skill of Junior High School and tested on 32 of junior high school’s students with one group pretest-postest design. Analyzed by descriptive quantitative-qualitative and the result are: (1) Validity of learning tools very valid category (3,62); (2) practicality based on: a) Feasibility of instruction good category (3,7), b)

      Amani Shayo

Abstract: This paper seeks to model the relationship between democracy and economic development in African countries, Tanzania being the case study. Most of the African countries are endowed with abundant resources, but since their independencies mainly in 1960’s they have failed to translate their wealth resources into economic wellbeing of their people especially of the rural population. By using Tanzanian development model which has two phases: phase I being the process of getting leaders and phase II being utilization of recourses, it proves the positive relationship between democracy and economic development.

      Rogers Rugeiyamu and Amani Shayo

Abstract: The study aims to reveal the other side of managers in organizations. Some managers today uses the legal authority to generate and uphold despotic tendencies to control employees’. The survival of employees’ depends on how well they fit to such unarticulated managers’ despotic principles. The study is built along longitudinal design; data were collected through observation and documentary review and analysed through narrative approach. The study extending the work of Jackall (1998) provide understandings of informal principles that employees have to comply with to ensure their survival in an organization. It was revealed that, the said informal principles are a detrimental factor to organization efficiency. The article draws attention to management practitioners to make other studies on the way the despotic tendencies of some managers can be ended in organizations.

      Winnie Chebet, Dr. Alfred Bett, Dr. Wilter Rop

Abstract: Success of any organization depends not only on how good its strategic plan is, but also on how well the strategic plan is implemented. Many reforms have taken place in the health sector since devolution came into force, some mid-term and long –term development policies and implementation plans have been advanced to improve the health sector and provide quality services to the public.

      Lai-Wang Wang, Ke-Duc Le, Thi-Duong Nguyen

Abstract: Vietnams economy heavily relies on credit from the banking sector in the absence of other sources, which requires the state bank need to closely monitor lending to minimize bad debts. Loans play an important role in earning profit and efficiency of the bank. However, a bigger amount of loans may cause higher cost spent to monitor loans and manage the bigger loan portfolio.

      Adenyi Theophilus Okechukwu, Onyia Michael Chukwuka, Nnamchi Kevin Chikwado

Abstract: One of the major issues that drew comments and debates both within and outside the country on 2019 General Elections in Nigeria was the role of the military during the election. This paper examines militarization, electoral violence and 2019 General Election in Nigeria with the objectives of discovering the justification or otherwise for deployment of the military during elections and identifying the effects of militarization and electoral violence to Nigeria’s democracy. Data for the study were collected using the documentary method and analyzed using content analysis.

      Onah Oliver Onyekaneze, Adenyi Okechukwu Theophilus and Eneh Maximus Ikenna

Abstract: Under the Nigerian law, prison break is an unlawful act of a prisoner forcing his or her way out of the prison. This paper examined the link between prison capture and increasing jail break in Nigeria. The specific objective of the paper was to examine the incessant prison break in Nigeria from a theoretical point of view. Using the Capture Theory of politics as our theoretical framework, and with the aid of secondary data, we therefore, argues that the Nigerian prison system has been captured by two high-stake interest groups: one, wealthy prison inmates who live like kings within the prison walls; and two, a powerful cabal within the Nigerian Prison Service authority who are involved in selling prison jobs and promotion to the highest bidders. We further argues that the capture has weakened the Nigerian prison operations and has contributed to incessant jail breaks. The paper also highlighted the way forward for the Nigerian Prison Service.

      Rizki Chandra, Muchsin Shihab

Abstract: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dan menganalisis 1) harga berpengaruh terhadap kepuasan pelanggan Jasa Pengangkutan Limbah B3 2) kualitas layanan berpengaruh terhadap kepuasan pelanggan Jasa Pengangkutan Limbah B3 3) harga dan kualitas layanan secara bersama berpengaruh terhadap kepuasan pelanggan Jasa Pengangkutan Limbah B3 4) harga berpengaruh terhadap loyalitas pelanggan Jasa Pengangkutan Limbah B3 5) kualitas pelayanan berpengaruh terhadap loyalitas pelanggan Jasa Pengangkutan Limbah B3 6) harga dan kualitas pelayanan secara bersama berpengaruh terhadap loyalitas pelanggan Jasa Pengangkutan Limbah B3 7) kepuasan pelanggan berpengaruh terhadap loyalitas pelanggan Jasa Pengangkutan Limbah B3.

      Anupam Surana, Sreshtha Roy

Abstract: A “Parallel Hybrid electric Two-wheeler” is a vehicle that depends not only on electric energy from the batteries but also on an internal combustion engine. This particular system is much more advantageous than the conventional only gasoline run engine. The objective is to fabricate a system that can be powered by both battery and gasoline, making the vehicle stand out from the rest. The system will be providing advantages like fuel economy and toned down environmental impact, when compared to the traditional vehicles. Hybrid systems in vehicles combine electric hub motor, battery, control system with an internal combustion engine to reduce toxic products and achieve increased fuel economy. Thus, the vehicles are best for the ever increasing urban localities with soaring traffic.

      Ovai, J.U

Abstract: Soils from the floodplain of Abi local Government Area were evaluated. Three profile pits where dug and denoted as AFAFP, EDIFP and IMAFP soil units and samples carefully collected from the horizons into polythene bags for analysis. Parametric and non-parametric methods were used for the suitability evaluation of the soils. The physico-chemical properties showed that bulk density was agronomically favourable for the cultivation of rice (<1.8mg/kg). Porosity was low in AFAFP and IMAFP units while EDIFP unit was high. Moisture content was higher in EDIFP than in AFAFP and IMAFP. Particle size analysis showed high sand fraction in all the soil units. The mean value of pH was higher in AFAFP than in EDIFP and IMAFP soil units.

      Mutai Stanley, Dr. Hellen Sang, Dr. Andrew Kipkosgei

Abstract: This study was set to establish the home based factors contributing to girls’ dropout rate in public primary schools in Trans-Mara East sub-county, Narok , Kenya. The study was guided by A model of Institutional departure from school. The objective of the study was to establish the home based factors that contributing the Pupils to drop out from school. The study targets785 respondents, they were , 29 head teachers, 29 parents representatives, 180 teachers,5 Educational officers,16 drop out victims and one NGO officer in Trans-Mara East sub-county.

      EGBEGI, Friday Raphael, Benjamin Okorie Ajah

Abstract: Background: The poor state of health services in Nigeria prisons demonstrates a condition antithetical to guarantee the correction of the inmates. This could be attributed to the neglect of welfare of the inmates, and failure to reform the prison institution. The objective of this study was to determine how epileptic health services have affected the correction of inmates in Abakaliki and Awka prisons, Nigeria.

      Dr.Satish Agarwal, Dr.Praveen Raj Saraugi

Abstract: Background: 75% of calcaneal fractures are intra articular. Treating calcaneal fractures is a challenge for orthopaedic surgeon due to the complex fracture pathology. A wide range of treatment options varying from non operative to operative methods are available. The purpose of this study is to assess the functional outcome of conservatively treated and operatively managed intra articular calcaneal fractures. Methods: 24 intra articular fractures have been classified as per Computerized Tomography based Sanders system.12 fractures were treated conservatively.12 fractures were treated with open reduction and internal fixation with plating. . Functional outcome was assessed using Modified Rowe score after following the cases over mean period of 18 months.

      Srikanth Tammina

Abstract: Traditionally, data mining algorithms and machine learning algorithms are engineered to approach the problems in isolation. These algorithms are employed to train the model in separation on a specific feature space and same distribution. Depending on the business case, a model is trained by applying a machine learning algorithm for a specific task. A widespread assumption in the field of machine learning is that training data and test data must have identical feature spaces with the underlying distribution. On the contrary, in real world this assumption may not hold and thus models need to be rebuilt from the scratch if features and distribution changes.

      Okeke, M.N and Nwoye, I.I

Abstract: The study assessed the activities of rice producers’ cooperative society in food production in Ayamelum Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. Multistage and random sampling techniques were used to select 55 respondents for the study. Whereas, data for the study were collected through primary source using pre-tested questionnaires. The findings on socio-economic characteristics of the respondents indicated that 61.8% of the rice cooperators were males with 43.9 years of age as the mean age the respondents. About 80% were married while a significant proportion (72.7%) had secondary education.

      Aminatuz Zuhriyah, Agus Suprijono, Aminuddin Kasdi

Abstract: This study aims to describe a new model of multiple choice questions as an assessment instrument that is able to measure critical thinking skills and be able to distinguish student answers between answers based on logical reasons and speculative answers.

      Sri Sukartiningsih, Sarmini, M. Jacky

Abstract: Discovery learning is a constructivistic approach that emphasizes students activism in building their own understanding and knowledge. This article aims to develop the Sociology Independent Learning Activity Unit (UKBM) based on discovery learning to develop students critical thinking skills.

      M. M. Miah, M. N. Hoque, M. Masum Mia

Abstract: Readymade Garment (RMG) industry is one of the export-oriented business sectors in Bangladesh. This paper aims to build an appropriate model and to forecast using that estimated model. The secondary data used for this research obtained from Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

      Aye Aye Nwe, Khin Khin Htwe Lwin, Ohnmar Tun

Abstract: Water is the precious gift of nature to the human being. It is essential for the growth and maintenance of our bodies as it is involved in a number of biological processes. The quality of water is of vital concern for mankind since it is directly linked with human health, protection of environment and sustainable development. Tap water is water supplied to a tap (valve). Its uses include drinking, washing, cooking and the flushing of toilets. This study assesses the quality of water being used by people of Mawlamyine University Campus.

      Khumukcham Anupama Devi

Abstract: A quasi-experimental, post-test only control group design study was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of breastfeeding on relief of pain during DPT immunization with that of non-breastfeeding during DPT immunization for the infant of the age group between 6 -17 weeks at the immunization clinic in selected PHC of Manipur .The main objective is to find out the effectiveness of breastfeeding on relief of pain during DPT immunization. The theoretical framework adopted for the study was based on gate control theory. Experts established the content validity of the tools.

      Asma Bibi, Muhammad Ramzan Shahid, Nida Ahmad Khan, Hamza Rehman and Hasooba Hira

Abstract: This study mainly focused on the reduction of damage profiles of house rat (Rattus rattus) on dough and mature stages of maize in crop habitat of Faisalabad. House rat is herbivore and entirely feed on the crop plantations, stems and tillers, which directly leads to the production loss, it can also implicated intensive economic losses. Therefore, study was conducted for a period of two months April through May, 2016. Evidently, the three types of traps viz; Steel jar trap, McGill mouse trap and Double capture trap were effectively used against rodent pest.

      D. Kulawe, A. I. Abubakar and Z. A. Abubakar

Abstract: Combretum molle has been used in many traditional medicines for treatment of microbial infections (diarrhea, dysentery, fever) and several inflammatory conditions (abdominal pain, headache, and toothache). This work was carried out with the aim of determining the phytochemical compounds present in the methanol extracts of the leaves; stem-bark and roots of C. molle and their biological activities in some selected microorganisms.

      Phitalis Were Masakhwe, Professor Kennedy Onkware, Professor Susan KilonzoPhitalis Were Masakhwe, Professor Kennedy Onkware, Professor Susan Kilonzo

Abstract: This paper is focused on challenges that humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR, World Vision among others encounter in safeguarding of the well-being of PWD in disasters situations. It argues that in as much as some humanitarian organizations have strong humanitarian programs, they face numerous challenges. The study employed semi-structured questionnaire instruments to gather information on humanitarian policies applicable to PWD in disaster context. It was used with humanitarian officers-98 and government officers-98. Further, the researcher adopted semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions which were employed as one of the methods for data collection to provide qualitative data and were complemented by the quantitative data.

      Alsammarraie Mohammed Sabah Jumaah, Jianbin Xue

Abstract: Smart sensors present a novel solution to the advancement of machines in a factory. Smart sensors take input from the physical environment and use the resources available to perform functions that are predefined upon detection of specific input and then process data before passing it on. This paper presents a detailed analysis of use of a smart sensor (temperature sensor) in a hydraulic fuel tank of a milling

      Mohamed Salah M. Saleh Mohamed Saleh, Jianbin Xue

Abstract: As requirements of manufacturing industries continue to grow, whether for electrical systems or mechanical systems, improved mechanical efficiency must be found. Integration of computing, network and physical process, or so called Cyber Physical System (CPS) is proposed way of managing an industry.

      Sekotilani Aloi, Varea Vaurasi, Sara Va’ai, Fa’ainuseiamalie Latu, Taema Imo, Patila Amosa

Abstract: The therapeutic effects of plants are attributed to their phytochemicals. Consequently, the preliminary screening of phytochemicals has become an invaluable step in the discovery of pharmaceutical drugs. There is currently no information available in the literature on the phytochemical composition of Samoan medicinal plants. This study presents for the first time the quantification of some phytochemicals present in eight commonly used Samoan medicinal plants – Syzygium inophylloides, Clerodendrum inerme, Kalanchoe pinnata, Vernonia amygdalina, Homalanthus nutans, Annona muricata, Chamaesyce hirta, and Morinda citrifolia.

      Ian Maingi, Prof. Hellen Mberia

Abstract: Celebrities used to endorse products in advertising are expected to be attractive. Their familiarity, likability and similarity help them convince consumers to prefer the products they endorse. This is achieved when meaning is transferred from the celebrity to the product and finally to the consumer. Therefore, organizations prefer celebrities who are attractive for product endorsement to enable positive image transference to their products, consumed especially by the youth who like cosmetics that are edgy (make-up).

      Andrew Rutto Kiptum, Paul OKello Odwori, Joel Sumukwo

Abstract: The quest being sought by policy makers and resource managers for rural household to engage into forestry-based livelihood for optimal ecological functions is by developing economic incentives. This study sought to use trees in woodlot as households collateral asset as a strategy for lengthening tree harvesting period. Two sets of questionnaires were developed; that’s for rural homes and for credit financing institution. Multi-stage and systematic random sampling of 224 rural homes was sampled. While 76 questionnaires in 19 identified financial institutions within study area, where respondents from identified sections in the banking service namely; Customer services, Branch business, Retail and Consumer services and Management were randomly selected to evaluate credit worthiness of trees in woodlot.

      Silah Kiplimo Misoi, Paul OKello Odwori, Joel Sumukwo

Abstract: Utilization of forests resources among economic units has remained partially noticed, yet, communities living adjacent to the forests and beyond are dependent directly or indirectly for their livelihood. Unaccounted benefit flow of a resource, leads to inappropriate policy formulation that undermines sustainability of such resource(s). Therefore, this study sought (i) to identify consumptive forests products by economic units, (ii) to estimate benefits flow of forests among economic units and (iii) to test relationship of socio economic variables that are associated with forest resource consumption among economic units.

      Eva Lestari, Zainul Arifin Imam Supardi, Wahono Widodo

Abstract: This study aims to produce a prototype of a Teachers Book and a Student Book based on Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL), describes validity, practicality, and the effectiveness of the prototype. This type of research is developmental research that refers to educational design research by Tjeerard Plomp & Nieveen using the 4D model by Thiagarajan, comprising the phases of define, design, develop and disseminate. Teachers books and student books were tested on 33 students. The trial results were analyzed descriptively qualitatively.

      Hefi Rusnita Dewi, Tjandrakirana, Soetjipto

Abstract: This research is a research on the application of mind mapping and audio visual in general biology learning, which aims to improve students mastery of concepts and thinking skills in learning general biology in the material of the human nervous system. The method of data analysis was carried out in a descriptive quantitative-qualitative manner with the results of: (a) good learning performance (3,7); (b)

      Oyewusi H. A, Akinyede K. A, Adeniyi O. A

Abstract: This work was done to investigate the biochemical and haematological parameters of aqueous extract of Tithonia diversifolia plant, in mice induced with Plasmodium berghei a plant that is used locally to treat malaria. A total of 25 mice were used in this study and were divided into 5 groups. Group A (control), group B group C, group D and group E were infected with Plasmodium bergei and treated with normal saline, artesunate (50mg/kg), 300mg/kg and 600mg/kg body weight of the extract respectively. MCH – mean cell hemoglobin; MCHC – mean cell hemoglobin concentration; MCV– mean cell volume; PCV – packed cell volume; PLT – platelet count; RBC – red blood cells; WBC – white blood cell count/leukocyte count , N – Neutrophil Count, L-Lymphocyte Count, Hb- Hemoglobin count, M- monocyte count and AST –Aspartate Aminotransferase , ALT- Alanine Aminotransferase and ALP Alkaline phosphatase were evaluated and analysed statistically.

      Li Fangli, Kouame Henri Michel Ahi

Abstract: The influence of services activity in the Economic development regarding export, import foreign direct investment and unemployment is examined with individual states members of the CFA FRANC zone which are divided into two subgroups. This study is implemented for the 14 countries members of the Franc CFA zone during the period 1991-2017.

      Robert Abeku Ansah, Jerome Nketsiah

Abstract: The study was conducted to explore women participation in politics in Agona East constituency. The study was only limited to women who were into politics in the constituency. Literature review was done based on the objectives of the study. This study used qualitative research design.

      Htin Lin Kyaw, La Pyae Lynn, HninThidar Aye

Abstract: EEGaccepted a device to analyze the action of the brain when it is completing any task. EEG signals are appropriated for BCI application andhelp humans to understand concerning the brain functions and its activities and hence are helpful in the diagnosis of the neurobiological disorders in it. It has the three main steps to complete classification process. Firstly, the artifacts are eliminated from the EEG signals to obtain the accurate results by using Elliptical filter.

      Muslimin, Yusinta Fujaya, Dody Dh. Trijuno, dan Syafiuddin

Abstract: The main problem in blue swimming crab hatchery is the low survival rate of larvae, especially in the zoea stage to megalopa. This study aimed to examine the effect of temperature on survival and metamorphosis rate of blue swimming crab larvae (Portunus plagicus).

      Muhammad Faris, A. A, Marina, M. T, Shamarina, S, Ab Ghani, N. I, Fletcher, C

Abstract: A collection of leaves was carried out at each captured area of Kalophrynus palmatissimus in Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve (AHFR), Selangor and Pasoh Forest Reserve (PFR), Negeri Sembilan. K. palmatissimus is a leaf litter frog. Leaves or leaf litter provide microhabitat structures for leaf litter frogs. Leaves or leaf litter offer retreat sites for leaf litter frogs and shelters for their food sources (i.e. diversity of invertebrates).

      Khin Mu Mu Myint, La Pyae Lynn, Phyu Phyu Htun

Abstract: Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a useful, lost-cost, non-invasive technique used in clinical studies to check the electrical activity of the brain. EEG is widely used in medicine for symptomatic and analysis of several situations such as epilepsy, brain tumors. Epilepsy is a neurological disease that referred to as a disorder of the central nervous system distinguished by the loss of consciousness and seizures.

      Makambi Reuben Mogire, Dr. Anthony Osoro

Abstract: The study is aimed at investigating the impact of motivation in staff performance of organization in Kitale Prison in Trans-nzoia County. It sought to evaluate the sources of information, where staff members preferably obtained information about motivation. Where the major motivator to most people was thought to be; rewards, incentives, intrinsic and recognition are auxiliary and supporting motivation. Low motivation of staff members has contributed to many factors that include the whole family, motivation should be included if any ; good performance, clean environment, challenging work, job enrichment, participation in decision making, recognition, responsibility and power, opportunity for personal growth. The researcher used descriptive research design to express the subject’s habits, attitudes, norms and social issues.

      Gigih Besar Mukti Raharja, Wasis, Leny Yuanita

Abstract: This research aims to: (1) describing mapping of concepts that experience misconceptions on the subject of liquid pressure; (2) Describing learning implementation using simple media; and (3) describing the shift in students conceptions before and after treated with using simple media based on the cognitive conflict on the subject of liquid pressure. The type of this research is pre-experimental research.

      Saeed ALBLOOSHI, Nor Aziati Binti ABDUL HAMID

Abstract: E-Learning has been connected into many educational institutions to earn the advantages of the faster enhancements in technology that help in improving the learning experience and increase its effectiveness. As a result, many governments and educational institutions implement electronic learning in order to improve students’ performance.

      Ambunya Lawrence Omollo, Dr. Samuel N. Maragia

Abstract: Research has shown that role conflict and role ambiguity are associated with burnout among head teachers of public schools and general educators. However, there is scanty literature from previous studies examining the relationship between role Stressors and burnout among head teachers of public primary schools in Kakamega County, Kenya. The relationship between, role stressors and head teacher burnout was examined.

      M. Naeem, A.Hussain, U.R.Azmi, M.Jahangeer, S.Maqsood, U.Imtiaz, H.Ali, S.U. Rehman, Kaleemullah, U.Irfan

Abstract: The leaves of plants have epidermis that provides protection and act as barrier for the entry of pathogens. The epidermis of plants also provides a system to analyze the cell pattern because surface of epidermis and cell pattern can be analyzed in a plane as compared to three dimensions. Plants have specialized cell in epidermis called guard cell that contain special pores called stomata. Epidermis contains different shape and has different number of stomata and subsidiary cell and guard cell.

      Jacob Wambasi Kitari, Pamela Buhere and Samuel Obaki

Abstract: This study investigated the difference in academic performance of public primary schools with ICT infrastructure and those without between 2008 and 2016, focusing on the ability of public primary schools, to provide quality education through the utilization of ICT skills.The researcher adopted both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

      Mercy Wanjiru Kithaka Karanja, James Gichuru Kariuki, PhD

Abstract: This paper is an assessment of the socio-economic background and role of family in rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents in Kenya. The study was guided by coercion and social learning theory. A sample 120 respondents consisting of 99 juvenile delinquents and 21 parents of the ex-rehabilitees was selected.

      Sih Sumadiyono

Abstract: Indonesia is a maritime country that has abundant resources, vast coastal and aquate areas and mangrove forests. Coastal mangroves that are being preserved because of damage. Mangrove ecosystems have physical, ecological functions and socioeconomic values that are very important for the surrounding community. Physically mangroves can withstand the onslaught of waves and wind during storms, so that it is able to maintain the presence of beaches, houses and other buildings.

      Yibeltal Tadele Aylet

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the use of self-regulated learning strategies and the students’ academic achievements. To come up with the findings, conclusions and recommendations of this work, data was collected from Ginbot 20 Preparatory School, and analyzed and interpreted. The main data gathering instrument used by the researcher was structured questionnaire. Accordingly, to investigate the relationship between the uses of self-regulated learning strategies and the students’ academic achievements, descriptive statistics (mean, median, and standard deviation) were used.

      Ngo Thi Bich Ngoc, Ph.D, Hoang Huong Ly, Ph.D

Abstract: The primary focus of the present research study was to investigate reading difficulties of non-English majored students who are the second year students at two institutions of Thai Nguyen University namely Technology and Pedagogy university. The secondary aim of the study was to identify the main reading strategies utilized by these two groups of students. The findings show that both of the natural and social sciences students find that they are under time-pressure while doing reading tasks. They all have problems elaborating, inferring, predicting or summarizing while reading.

      Adnan Issa ,Phd

Abstract: Protecting competition law is the protection of competition from all phenomena that may impair it. From the point of view of economic theory, the distortion of competition can be defined as any activity that results in a decrease in competitive pressure, thereby reducing economic efficiency. Effective protection of competition in the market implies the existence of a strong institutional mechanism to prevent distortions of competition in the market from all forms that prevent, prevent or eliminate it, with the aim of protecting and promoting social well-being.

      Kato Masika Erastus

Abstract: The objective of this study was to establish the extent to which Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use and its accessibility motivation had enhanced student centred learning (SCL) skills among public secondary school students in Bungoma County, Kenya. Therefore the study hypothesis was derived from the study objective. The target population was 742 respondents in 71 schools and sample size was 272 respondents selected from 19 schools.

      Indri Astri Utami; Prof. Badia Perizade, Bambang Bemby Soebyakto

Abstract: This study aims to determine the influence of training and compensation on employee performance at PT. AXA Mandiri Financial Service in Palembang Area. This data were collected using a questionnaire distributed to 105 respondents consisting of All employees with Saturation Sampling (Non-Probability Sampling) which is technique of determining the sample if all members of the population are used as respondents. This method is using descriptive analysis method, the results show. Training and compensation have a significant effect on performance of employees of PT. AXA Mandiri Financial Service in Palembang Area significantly.

      Nyeh, Comfort Omori, Ohia, Adanma Ngozi

Abstract: This study examined principals’ management skills on how revenue is generated and utilized internally for the administration of public secondary schools in Cross River State. Design of the study was descriptive survey. The population comprised all the 504 public secondary schools principals distributed over the 18 Local Government Areas in Cross Rivers State. The sample size was 481 principals.

      Haydarova Pardaxol Bobaqulovna, Abdullayeva Dilfuza Rixsixodjayevna, Raimov Sodiq Sobirovich

Abstract: The goal of modern education is to increase attention to the use of Hadith in the formation of a healthy lifestyle, and in educating young people to instill respect for national and global values, to develop a sense of patriotism, hygienic, cultural, physical, aesthetic education and hard work. Since ancient times, our ancestors have sought to create a strong family, raising a healthy and perfect generation. Various social factors contribute to the formation of universal human values, the concept of the religion of Islam, in the minds of our children. There is a powerful tool against the spread in society of radical views, extremist and terroristic ideas that poison the minds of young people. These are such national-religious values as humaneness, peacefulness, love for enlightenment and creation.



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