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Dr. Bharati Y.Masram, Prof.Pranay Shete, Hrithik Shire, Aboli Dobale, Payal Parate, Dhiraj Soni


This Smart Meter is used to measure various parameters of an electric motor on a single platform. The Phase Voltage applied to the motor and the Current drawn by the motor forms the two input quantities to Arduino. The Voltage is measured with the help of a Voltage Sensor, whereas the current is measured by a Clamp on Current Transformer.

The Arduino further uses these two input quantities to extract the remaining parameters of motor, such as Power Factor, Active Power (P), Reactive Power (Q), and Apparent Power (S). Once calculated, these parameters are displayed on a LCD Display. These measured values will also be available on the cloud server for two purposes:

1. Remote Monitoring 2. Data Logging.

Data will be sent in a form of packet having intervals of 15 seconds in between two consecutive packets. Thus the measure data can monitored from anywhere in the world by using the IOT Tool. ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module is used to send the data from Arduino to Thing Peak server. Along with the Remote Monitoring, Data logging is also made available so as to retrieve the measured values any time in future. This will help to calculate the Monthly or Annual usage.Thus our SMART METER is capable to find and suggest appropriate measures for maintenance.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Hrithik Shire, Aboli Dobale,Atul Bhalerao,Payal Parate ,Dhiraj Soni, and many more who are directly or directly involved in this work .I personally thank our Head of Department Dr. M.S. Narlawar and Dr..R.M.Mohril,who had given full support for completing this work.

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