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Title: Hybrid Optimization Approach for Harmonic Mitigation in Multilevel Inverter

Dr. Sarika D Patil, Dr. Sumant G Kadwane, Mr. Akshay D Kadu


Power electronics being a energy efficient devices have major role in power conversion application systems. To guaranteed power quality the significant integration of renewable energy is must in power system. Generally for medium and high power applications multilevel inverters are widely used. But due to harmonics present in the system, the power quality is disturbed usually. In multilevel inverters, switching techniques improve the harmonic profile and ensures its power quality. Mostly selective harmonic elimination techniques are used for lowering harmonics and total harmonic distortion also. Selective harmonic elimination method is a fundamental switching frequency method having lower switching losses and high efficiency. The output obtained from multilevel inverter consists of nonlinear transcendental equations and need specific optimization algorithms. The solution to these equations provides optimized switching angles which further reduces the specific harmonics along with THD for the system. In this monograph, a hybrid optimization algorithm is used for solving these nonlinear transcendental equations and obtaining the desired solution. This hybrid algorithm is a grouping of N-R algorithm with Ant colony algorithm. This algorithm is used whenever there are uncertainties in the system model. This hybrid optimization algorithm proved as a successful algorithm with the help of simulated results.

I precisely mention my sincere thanks for all the members who directly or indirectly helped me, guided me and encouraged me to complete this monograph.

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