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Title: Work from Home vs Work from Office: A qualitative study on job satisfaction in relation with the pandemic times

Deboleena Dutta


This research study examines the job satisfaction level of knowledge worker employees on work from home mode and work from office mode. The purpose of this study is to find out which work mode provides more job satisfaction based on the qualitative information given by 12 knowledge worker employees. Seven factors have been considered to define the level of job satisfaction. The factors that have been considered in this paper for being important to determine job satisfaction are compensation, connection with co-worker, mental and physical satisfaction, and sense of achievement, job security, work environment and work life balance. The literature review has been concentrated on information that proves as to how these various factors have resulted in positive correlation with job satisfaction. Data were collected through semi-structured telephonic interviews and a purposive sampling method was used to select participants. Thematic analysis was used for data analysis which segregated the information into common themes. The result showed that participants preferred work from the office more than work from home where the preferable factors were compensation, work life balance, work environment, connection with co-workers and mental and physical satisfaction.

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