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Title: Monograph on Theoretical Answer Evaluation System

Dr. Manish M. Goswami, Mr. Deepratna Awale, Mr. Sachin Jambhulkar, Mr. Alok Chauhan


Theoretical Answer Evaluation System (T. A. E. S.) evaluates textual answers available in digital form and marks them based on a provided answer key. The system can identify if points given in the answer-key are similar to a point in the provided answer in any random order using cosine similarity. It can also check for plagiarism and grammaron a preliminary level. The study revolves around how a paper-checker without any domain knowledge of a subject can check a paper of a given subject, and mimics this process using Machine Learning. This system allows automated checking of subjective answers without the aid of human benefactor. It can find similarity in text passages with high accuracy and also distribute and cut marks based on number of points found and grammatical errors in the answer respectively. It is an essential in the time of a pandemic as it allows having subjective type tests, with automated checking. This system's score coincides with human given scores approximately 8 out of 10 times on a database of 1379 sentences and is faster than any human checker by only requiring 1 second for a passage of more than 200 words.This monograph shows working of TAES in complete detail.

We express our sincere thanks to all those who were involved in guiding and giving suggestions and encouragement to make this monograph complete.

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