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Title: Sustainable Solutions to Address Management Problems for Refugee Resettlement in the United States of America: The Case of Refugee Resettlement in San Diego, California


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Dr. Justin B. Mudekereza is a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He fled his country in 2006 as a result of physical torture after elections. He is an icon known for his many efforts for social justice, human rights, and development in many African countries. He is a person who does not keep quiet or stand and watch when people are suffering around him. From a bigger family of 44 children of his late father, he learned to make peace, share with others and most of all to fight for others whenever they are victims of injustice of any kind. Dr. Mudekereza is the author of Understanding the Multifaceted Management Problems of Refugee Resettlement in the United States of American, Shithole Countries, A Word of Warning to the World, Pays de Merde, Mot d'Avertissement au Monde and many other important books and articles. The Justin Mudekereza Foundation helps orphans and other vulnerable children, widows, and others in need in South Kivu, DR Congo. Today, Dr Mudekereza is the executive director of New Neighbor Relief (NNR), a non-profit organization assisting refugees and asylum seekers in their struggle to start a new life in the United States. For more comments on this article and other information about the Author, please visit: www.justinmudekereza.com

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