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Title: Spiritually Conscious Psychology

Rawd Halawani


This monograph postulates a holistic understanding of human wellbeing and conceptualizes its manifestation in healthcare settings generally and the psychotherapeutic context particularly. Rooted in post-materialist scientific literature, the potentialities of non-local, transpersonal healing are explored and are grounded in the relational dynamics of the psychotherapeutic encounter.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and warm appreciation to the following persons who have offered their support as I embarked on this writing journey: Mr. Mitchell Saskin, my professor and mentor, for being a source of grounding and inspiration. Your generous sharing of wisdom as well as your compassionate, healing presence have granted me the inspiration and confidence to acknowledge, trust and express my own insights.

My mother, for your nurturing soul that lent me the strength to create during these globally turbulent times. Your openness to understanding my primal wounding and dedication to expanding your consciousness in service of my healing as well as your own, is the most heartwarming expression of love.

My father, for your infinite generosity, affection and protection. At times where my heart was closing, you opened it to the realm of potentiality that exists within me to create meaningful work. Your loving, relentless persistence allows all those around you to bring their divine gifts into fruition.

My sister, for introducing me to art that feeds my sense of meaning, imagination and engagement with the world. In you, I sense fire that ignites the dullest moments with beauty and wonder. In you, I sense courage that inspires one to unapologetically lead with authenticity.

My brother, for your playful spirit that can ground yet energize one's being. I have always found comfort in your open mind, warm heart and resilient shoulders. May I continue to learn from your wise simplicity.

My therapist Natasha, for being a consistent source of unconditional acceptance and love. For being with me as I sit with the darkest aspects of myself, and opening my eyes to the loving essence underlying them all.

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