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Title: Spiritually Conscious Psychology

Author/s: Rawd Halawani

Author's Profile:

Rawd Halawani is a 25-year-old, Palestinian-Jordanian woman who's been called to uncover a path towards psychospiritual integration. She was first introduced to the realm of inner healing as a psychotherapy client in her early 20's, a time that was marked by anxiety, fear and a loss of meaning in her life.

After a few wrong turns, Rawd eventually found her way to a transformative psychotherapeutic relationship that allowed her to decolonize her mind and reclaim her connection to the sacred. This healing relational experience inspired her decision to complete a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University which she graduated from in April, 2021.

As a recent graduate, Rawd is currently working on holistic healing and education projects in her hometown, Amman, Jordan, where she aspires to expand the integrative discourse on psychology and facilitate its individual and collective embodiment.

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