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Title: The Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Waters using Bioadsorbents

Mrs. Megha Manish Mendiretta, Dr. Swarooplaxmi Mudliyar, Dr. Avinash Bharati


Water pollution from industries is divesting the natural balance of aquatic ecosystems; also it indirectly affects the serenity and quality of all life forms in general. With the advent of industrialization the ill-effects of ever growing pollution levels cannot be ignored. Although there are number of method available for extracting pollutants from effluent waters to match up the water quality standards within the permissible range, still each of the technique available has some drawback associated. In general, each of the technique come with a cost, which is one of the major reasons of them being not used specially in developing countries.

Heavy metal pollution is of major concern cause of their non-biodegradable character. Developing countries face major of issues for the treatment of heavy metals from wastewaters. Many factors are to taken into consideration while selecting any specific method for the treatment process including desired water quality, set up and operating cost, accessibility of space for construction of the facility and way out for the waste disposal generated during treatment.

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