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Title: Object Oriented Modeling of secured E-learning system

Soumendu Banerjee, Dr. Sunil Karforma


The following research project has been produced in order to analyse the UK Tropical Freshwater Fish Market and the most prominent In an e-learning environment, data security and secrecy is very essential, especially when data is transferred between the three main participants of e-learning like learners or students, teachers and developers or administrators. This type of data is related to information, admission, and registration, admit card, study material, question papers, answer scripts, mark sheets etc. In this competitive world, if data security cannot be provided appropriately, then hacker can easily reach to the data during transmission and may change or damage data before its arrival to the final destination, and make a bad impression for any particular e-learning institute.

Architecture of secure e-learning system will be provided in our discussion. The four main security issues which should be considered to an e-learning organization are privacy, secrecy, non-repudiation and authentication (PINA). To achieve non-repudiation and authentication, we generally use symmetric key algorithms like Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple DES, AES and public key algorithms like Digital Signature Algorithm, RSA digital signature, ElGamal digital signature, GOST digital signature. For security purpose, we can also apply Digital Watermarking and Digital Right Management (DRM) techniques. Here we will discuss about the object oriented implementation of secret key algorithms like DES, Triple DES and the public key cryptographic algorithms like DSA, RSA signature, ElGamal Signature and GOST digital signature.

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