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Title: A Monograph on Islamic Toleration

Author/s: Rawaa Mahmoud Hussain

Author's Profile:

Rawaa Mahmoud Hussainhas a Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy. He set methodology for one of the latest sciences in Islamic thought, which is 'The Science of Islamic Wisdom,' through many books. For example, 'Al-'Aroah al-Wouthka: Madkhal Ila 'Ilm al-?ikma al-Islamia' (Eng. The Most Trustworthy Handhold: An Introduction to Islamic Wisdom Science) (Kuwait: Nashiri Publishing House, 2013), and 'Shir'a wa Minhaj: Ausool al-Manhaj al-'Almi fi 'Ilm al-?ikma al-Islamia' (Eng. The Law and the Method: Assets of the Scientific Method in the Science of Islamic Wisdom) (Kuwait: Nashiri Publishing House, 2014).

He is the author of many other books, like: 'Ishkaliat al-?adatha Fi al-Falsafa al-Islamia al-M'ua?ira: Dirasa Wa?fiya' (Eng. The Problem of Modernity in Contemporary Islamic Philosophy: A Descriptive Study) (Damascus: Dar Azzaman, 2010), 'Mushkilat al-Na? Wa al-'Akl fi al-Falsafa al-Islamia: Dirasat Muntakhaba' (Eng. The Problem of the Text and Mind in Islamic Philosophy: Selected Studies) (Beirut: Dar Al-Kutub Al- Ilmiyah, 2006), and 'Al-?adatha al-Maqlouba: Naqd al-Naqd Awroupi ?aol Mafhom al-Din wa Mahiat al-Falsafa Wa Ideologia al-'Ilm' (Eng. Inverted Modernity: A Critique of European Criticism on the Concept of Religion, Essence of Philosophy and Ideology of Science) (Baghdad: Scientific Iraqi Center, 2011).

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