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Zaiden Al D. Mama


The monograph entitled, "Management Skills of Elementary School Managers in Selected Schools in Cotabato Province," investigated the management skills of elementary school managers in selected schools in the Cotabato Province. Specifically, this study described the socio-demographic characteristics of the school managers, determined the management skills of elementary school managers, determined whether the socio- demographic characteristics of the school managers significantly influenced management skills, and determined the strengths, weaknesses, problems and recommendations of elementary school managers.

The authors heart is full of gratitude for the people who have helped him on this journey. To his advisory committee members, Dr. Joy Gloria P. Sabutan, Dr. Leorence C. Tandog, and Dr. Palasig U. Ampang for the wisdom, insights, perspectives, and assistance throughout this study. To the examining committee, Dr. Concuelo A. Tagaro and Dr. Riceli C. Mendoza for their critical evaluation of his dissertation; Dr. Concuelo A. Tagaro, his statistician for the data processing; Frof. Araceli S. Estacio, for editing this paper prior to the final defense and Dr. Riceli C. Mendoza, for the final editing.

Ma'am Fatima J. Amilbajar, the graduate school librarian for patiently providing the materials needed in the research and Ma'am Merly M. Cania, facilitative staff of Graduate School, University of Souther Mindanao for her assistance and guidance;

He wish to express his sincere thanks and gratitude to all supervisors the respondents schools for their approval and tireless effort they put in guiding him on how to go about it. Also, he owes his appreciation to all the teachers and school head of his respondents' schools for their cooperation and for all the data of this study were obtained; To Mr. Jayson C. Galo, Arniel C. Quino, Jina J. Bulaga, and Mary Jane A. Almario for their help and the data gathering data procedures.

To his special and loving Mamang Emie for the unconditional love, moral support, encouragement and understanding. Great thanks to his sisters Cherry Ann and Cherry Mae, his brother-in-law Henry, his cute nephew Justin Rafael and charming niece Janina Karylle, for the inspiration in pursuing his goals. To his best friends, Julius Caesar Padernilla and Michael Paul Ragasa for making life more meaningful.

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