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Title: Study of the Factors that influence the commitment and engagement of healthcare workers at Kenyatta National Hospital

Rawd Halawani


The objective of this study was to investigate factors that influence the commitment and engagement of healthcare workers at Kenyatta National Hospital. The study explored factors that influence affective, continuance and normative dimensions of commitment and engagement of healthcare workers. The study first explored the factors that influence affective commitment before exploring factors that influence continuance commitment. Additionally, normative commitment and the factors that influence it in the organization was explored as well and finally the study sought to explore factors that influence engagement of healthcare workers in the organization. The study population comprised of healthcare workers in Kenyatta National Hospital. A sample of 260 respondents was selected from the population using random sampling method. A descriptive survey was used. Primary data was collected using semi-structured questionnaires. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study revealed that employees' ability to have a strong sense of belonging to the organization, willingness to remain in the organization and ability to perceive them as part of the organization are factors that strongly influence affective organizational commitment. On Continuance commitment, the study revealed that employees' perception of joblessness upon quitting their current jobs was a strong factor that influences this dimension of commitment. Additionally, the study revealed that normative commitment is influenced by employees' ability to perceive a strong sense of moral loyalty and obligation towards the organization. The study has made contribution to theory, policy and practice in relation to factors that influence commitment and engagement. The limitations of this study included limitations arising from the use of subjective commitment and engagement measures, and the use of descriptive research design. Future research should seek to address these limitations by inclusion of additional factors and objective commitment and engagement measures. Replication of the study and examining the factors that influence commitment and engagement of healthcare workers in private hospitals and other business settings could serve as a useful reference for future research.

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