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Title: Design and Fabrication of an Electric go-kart

Morisho P. Jenny, Bahram Abdallah


This project presents the design and analysis of an electric motor-powered kart. This study's main objectives are to reduce the use of cars that run on fossil fuels and to create an effective vehicle for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle industry.

In the world of racing, the vehicles are not cost effective as far as fuel consumption, thus Electric engines are replacing the traditional internal combustion engines due to benefits including reduced pollution, easy maintenance, efficient fuel management, and environmental friendliness. With all the advantages listed above, electric go-karts are replacing traditional go-karts. It is crucial to undertake a static and dynamic examination of the go-kart chassis since the chassis of any vehicle is crucial to maintaining the speed and performance of the vehicle.

The goal of this report is to design and create a functional model of an electric go-kart. The go-kart's construction and design were kept basic to allow even amateur drivers to operate it. The design was created with the idea of creating a strong vehicle that can support more weight and offer the best amenities at a reasonable price.

We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Magore, our research supervisor, for providing us with the chance to conduct the research and for offering vital guidance throughout the process. It was an honor to work and study under his supervision.

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