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Title: University and Business Interaction in the Concept of Innovation development

Aleksandra Kobicheva, Tatiana Baranova


An innovative economy is based, first of all, on the effective interaction of the scientific and educational sphere and the business environment, free flow of innovative ideas, active commercialization of developments in order to constantly update and develop the domestic economy through new technologies. The monograph examines the issues of building a national innovation system in the Russian Federation, the impact of integration processes between universities and business on the development of innovation and the importance of university science in general. The main trends in the interaction of business structures and university science are stated, methodological approaches to assessing the effectiveness of various forms and mechanisms of interaction between universities and business structures are presented, and the author's method of calculating the effectiveness is proposed.

The book is intended for graduate students, students, students of the retraining and advanced training system, as well as readers interested in the modern problems of the country's innovative development.

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