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Title: Development of Training and Placement Module and Chat Bot system for College Management Portal

Mr. Roshan S.Bhanuse, Ms. Surbhi Hedau


Portal is a specially built website which helps bring together information from various sources in a uniform manner. This Web portal is designed to make it easier for users to access different activities. Web services have brought with them extreme changes in the field of development of web application in recent years. This development of application provides a widespread method for tracking the various works a college is doing to handle it. "College management portal" offers a simple Student Information Management Interface. This application can be used by institutes or colleges to maintain records of student. Creating and maintaining up-to-date information, reliable knowledge about student's academics is of extreme importance in the institutes.

This portal provides services with all kind of student records, course records, college records, academic related reports, curriculum, batch records, placement records and other resource related records too[1]. It also has student records in all strands, notifications sending to the students and also updation of student's status by the Training and Placement Officer (TPO) is possible. Different analyzes can be made on the basis of statistical data, contact on the Chat bot network can be made possible; users can get updates of warnings. Training and Placement Officer (TPO) is able to view information of the student and collect their resumes and so many ad-on functionalities.

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