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Title: Aesthetic Considerations for Posterior Proximal Lesions

Dr. Shruti Mishra, Dr. Pradnya Nikhade, Dr. Gopal Tawani, Dr. Rutuja Gawarle


With the persistent rise in evidence based dental practice, dental research has gained momentum in the field of restorative dentistry. Restorative dentists practice aesthetics in their day to day life by experimenting newer precise and less time-consuming techniques. Gone are the days of accepting the experiments done by doyens of restorative dentistry, just by virtue of their authority.

To enter the aesthetic era pertaining to the posterior teeth, many researches are being done, in the field of materials and methods. This writing provides budding restorative dental practitioners with a hope to enter into the world of posterior aesthetics. It throws light on every possible technique for restoration of posteriors in an aesthetic way.

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