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Title: The Destroyer of Life on Earth, Ecology, Economy

Authors: Elizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel


     Era Of contraception, abortion i.e. mid 20th, 21st centuries witnessed sudden, obvious, unexplained increase in incidence, prevalence of morbidity, mortality, global warming, global hypoxia, global recession, natural disasters like hail storms, tsunami, earthquakes, cyclones, flash floods, tornadoes, spontaneous combustion of skies, forest fire, oil tanker vessel fire, frequent entry of blood feeding animals to foot hill townships.

Prior to this era also, abortion and contraception were existing in the globe, recommendations were given against them, by the medical fraternity; but contraception, abortion, were implemented as a Global Welfare Policy during the mid-twentieth century and by 2000 A.D. under the caption `Health for All`, including the poor tribal men, women of the mountainous forests had undergone permanent sterilization, following the concept `Population explosion` framed without any statistical foundation, because if we make everyone to stand on this earth, we occupy only the space of Texas state, the rest of the earth remains unoccupied?

Global contraception abortion was claimed to be a remedy for poverty, unemployment, diseases, least did we realize the opposite components to global contraception, abortion are at work in this God ordained Universe, designed by the Master Planner, to support Life on earth, by self-sustaining Ecology, self-sustaining Economy, stream lined, supported, based on Live Humans with their uncurbed growth and not the reverse, by preventing and Terminating Lives from coming into existence, which has led to present day ruins.

In the mid-20th, 21st centuries, global contraception, abortion got promoted, implemented swiftly, meritoriously achieved, with strategies, protocols, with none questioning the authenticity of the claims; there was no study based evaluation done as to the therapeutic indication, side effects, of contraception, abortion, including invasive procedures like, tubal ligation, abortions by dilatation and curettage, because contraception, abortion did not follow a therapeutic model or therapeutic application; rather it followed a guillotine protocol.

This is not the usual means of introducing any new therapeutic molecule which are invented or discovered by research, for e.g. when people were dying of tuberculosis [tubercle bacilli was identified as the pathogen by Koch, to produce the disease]the then present antimicrobials like Penicillin could not combat the infection; the mycobacterium could not be identified from the soil, wherein the people were buried with Tuberculosis, because streptomyces fungus of the soil had secreted some substance to combat the disease, which was isolated, synthesized and termed streptomycin; thereby the answer was obtained on the knees, to save dying people, from tuberculosis.

Any such therapeutic molecule will have to go through identification of the effective molecular structure, where its metabolized, where its excreted, its half-life, therapeutic range, toxic range, whether safe for the fetus, for the pregnant, lactating mother, new born, drug interactions, animal studies, experimental studies, clinical trials, before the molecule can reach the mouth of the people; but global contraception, abortion though implemented by Health sector, Health Organizations , did not go through any of the above mentioned protocols, to study side effects, indication, application.??, but including invasive procedures of abortion, contraception were embraced universally by every mankind, without a second thought, with enthusiasm, to our agonizing doom, seen today.

Many philosophies were framed to canvas people, brain wash the ignorant, educated, brilliant to say no to their own children for e.g. woman are not baby bearing machines, we cannot bring up many children with today`s economy least did we realize, a woman`s birth right, blessed Royal status of upbringing as many children as God given for her husband, after Holy Matrimony, to build her family is being robbed; marriage bed is undefiled; coveted virginity before marriage has disappeared; today`s plight of young women are akin to napkin status of use and throw [today someone will enjoy, next day she has to abort]; God forbid this status to continue, by our little science, opening our eyes.

Least did we realize, flourishing economy is based on the needs of people we invest on, to whom every business caters for, for whom every business exists; by eradicating human race, we`ve plunged into hard hit global recession, with lack of customers, consumers, passengers .should we not wake up to this simple fact and eradicate contraception, abortion, adultery, pornography, fornication from the face of this earth and not destroy ourselves and the future world who are the children, prevented from coming into existence.

Author of the Universe has designed wonderfully self-sustaining ecology, to sustain `Life` on earth; live humans with their emissions are mandatory, to maintain oxygen envelope of the earth i.e. emissions are God ordained food for plants, replenishing oxygen, molecule by molecule; never would have been ozone depleted with uncurbed child birth; whereas we do not have live humans, but only aborted blood, contraceptive menstrual blood pollution, documented by rising environmental estrogen, alpha feto protein, beta human chorionic gonadotropins, in waters of oceans, rivers, and air, depleting oxygen which cannot be replaced by plants, resulting in progressive cumulative depletion of oxygen, ozone depletion, global hypoxia, global warming.

Live humans excreta also is reacted naturally by the Master designer to produce manure for plants, Eco friendly bio-methane; whereas 863,000,000 reported surgical abortions till 2010, 498 reported surgical abortions/minute in the globe with resulting enormous putrefaction, leads to explosive, inflammable toxic gases, with consequent rupture of earth, spontaneous combustion of skies, hail storms Alas! Termination, prevention of Lives has resulted in destruction of nature, mother earth.

Reflecting on the former times before the era of contraception, abortion, small family norms, one child policy, essential fatty acids deprived diet norms, as the child birth was considered precious, the protocols, policies existed to curtail mortality but to support, protect Life of every form, our fore fathers, mothers lived life to the full with little diseases coming on after ~80 years , natural disasters were low, there was no global warming, recession, global hypoxia because their germ cells were not smashed to fragments by the acquired contraception, abortion and there was no aborted blood, contraceptive menstrual blood pollution of the environment, depleting ozone as today; child birth was protected, flourishing, uncurbed-the ecology, economy, health in the cells were robust and flourishing. Today it's the reverse, still not pondered upon including the brilliant.!!!

The Destroyer of Life on Earth, Ecology, Economy

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