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IJSRP provides renowned platform to all the researchers/scholars to get their valuable thesis/monograph or doctoral dissertation published as book.

Our journal provides open access of your thesis publication to other academic institutions, researchers and students. Your thesis can help them in enhancing their respective fields of work or research. It will be accessible to all those who want to read/download it for free. It will surely help your thesis to get further recognized.

Author's name, qualifications and contact details would be mentioned on our publication webpage. Therefore, your work will draw attention of many media organizations which will help your work to be further recognized on large scale in other media reports, magazines, newspapers etc.

Thesis will be published on our website in html/pdf format. Thesis will be published in the form of electronic book or as a book. It should be submitted in English language only. The thesis or monograph should not exceed 250 pages. If you have taken reference from books or any other source please mention same in your research paper/thesis in the references column. Authors must adhere to the originality of their research work and follow the guidelines mentioned on our webpage for getting it easily published and approved by our member committee.

If you are about to finish your research work and want to get your thesis/monograph published send your original works to editor@ijsrp.org . Whether it's a monograph, master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, we accept research in all disciplines/subjects.

IJSRP issues digitally signed publication certificate after publication of the thesis.

Publication Fee: Publication of thesis or monograph including formatting, e-book type setting, e-pub type setting costs $250 per copy. Ijsrp gives rebate of $125 to the authors and charges $125 or equivalent as publication fee, which inculde final formatting, e-publishing, online print publishing, distributing to other online book store.

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Call for Research Paper
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