Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Nurse's Knowledge toward Children with Meningitis at Pediatric Teaching Hospitals in Baghdad City

Raid saad atshan


Meningitis is a kind of Central nervous
system infections that can be associated with high morbidity and
mortality rates. The complications of meningitis include brain
abscess, deafness, blindness, respiratory failure, seizures, and
brain stem herniation due to intracranial hypertension, cortical
vein phlebitis, hydrocephalus, coma, and developmental delay.
The study aims: Assess the level of nurse's knowledge toward
children with meningitis, Find out effectiveness of an educational
program on nurse’s knowledge toward children with meningitis,
Find out the relationship between nurse’s knowledge toward
children with meningitis and their demographic characteristic.
Methodology: Quasi - experimental study is designed to assess
nurses' knowledge toward children with meningitis at Pediatric
Teaching Hospitals in Baghdad City and the effectiveness of an
educational program which had been constructed and applied
with an approach of pre-test and post-test for both study and
control groups. The study has been carried out from 11th
November 2015 to 25th July 2016. Non-probability (purposive)
sample of (40) nurses are selected from Pediatric Teaching
Hospitals (14 males and 26 females). They are divided into two
groups; (20) nurses have been exposed to the health education
program and (20) nurses have control group. The data were
collected through the use of designed questionnaire, which
consisted of (2) major parts (socio-demographic characteristics,
and the knowledge towards meningitis). The validity of the
questionnaire is determined through an expert panel of (16)
specialists. Reliability is determined through a pilot study which
is carried out through the period from 8th March up to the 20th
March 2016. Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis is
applied for the results.
Results: The findings of the study indicate that nurses have
fair knowledge about meningitis for both groups (50%) at pre-test
results. The post-test results indicate that all nurses in the study
group have very good level of knowledge about meningitis
(100%), while the nurses in control group keep holding fair level
of knowledge (50%). The mean of pre-test was (2.25) with
standard deviation (0.639), while the mean of post-test was (4.00)
with standard deviation (0.001) for study group.
Recommendations: The study highlights the necessity on
developing training sessions inside and sharing outside the
country to improve knowledge and skills of nurses. This also will
allow for more individual consideration for this specialty and
may direct future research on this matter.

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