Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge and Practices toward Children with Solid Tumors Malignancy Hospitalized in Baghdad Pediatrics Hospital

Mushtaq Najmaldain Ali, Prof. Dr. Ilham Amin Jaddoue


The Solid tumors is one of the problem
facing early childhood and the common types of solid tumors are
(Lymphomas, Nephroblastoma (Wilm’s Tumors),
Neuroblastoma, Retinoblastoma, Bone Tumors, Ewing’s
Sarcoma Family of Tumors and Soft Tissue Sarcom), and it is
abnormal mass of tissue that usually does not contain cysts or
liquid areas. Benign solid tumors may be (non-cancerous) or
malignant (cancerous). It is named different types of solid tumors
to the type of cells that make up.
Objectives: To assess nurse's knowledge and practices
towards children with solid tumors malignancy hospitalized in
Baghdad Pediatric Hospitals.
Research Methodology: descriptive study dealt with
object-analytical sample randomly from the 40 nurses working in
the hospitals of Baghdad oncologic ward of solid tumors. The
questionnaire was designed to gather information. Data was
goatherd by questionnaire format involved multiple choice item
test for the purpose of evaluation nurses knowledge and practices
for the period (18th October/ 2015 to 10th July/ 2016). Data was
analyzed by applying descriptive statistics (frequency and
percentage) and deductive statistics (Chi-Square test) SPSS
version (20).
Results: The study has shown that female participants in the
study sample more than males, and the percentage (57.5%) and
over the sample aged more than 34 years, and the proportion
(37.5%). And most of sample members are graduates of the
institutes, and the proportion (52.5%), the total score of nurses
knowledge was moderate (1.53). And the total score of nurse's
practice was also moderate (2.3). There is a significant
association between nurses' knowledge and practices with level
of education and participant in training course in addition to
significant relationship between practices and years of
experience inside oncology ward.
Recommendation: The researcher suggests that
establishment of training courses for the nursing staff to increase
their knowledge and develop their expertise. Created specialized
centers for the treatment of cancers.

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