Attitude and Awareness – A survey conducted at Kinakary, Kuttanad, India regarding the application of insecticides

Jacob Chandy


A detailed survey was conducted at Kinakary Grama
Panchayat covering various aspects of insecticide application,
attitudes and awareness of people in the area. There were six
hundred houses involved in agriculture and among them 306
families were cultivators and 295 families were agricultural
labourers. A total of 200 people participated in the study in
which 115 were males and 84 were females. Visited houses and
collected details as per the requirements of the questionnaire.
The information from the questionnaire was sorted scientifically
and proper statistical tool. Higher doses of insecticide can cause
more harm to environment and to the non-target organisms than
expected and it is difficult to measure the impacts since there is
no uniformity in the application doses even in a particular field.
88% people involved in the study tried to repair their instrument.
Repairing a filled sprayer in the field increases the probabilities
of field contamination and the chances of pesticide entry to the
person doing the same. Use of protective clothing and equipment
were totally neglected by 26.5% people participated in the
present survey. Another13% took it lightly and used partially.
This shows that 39.5% people were unmindful of their own
health issues. Among them 21% were not bothered even to
change their dresses after spraying pesticides and enter other
walks of life immediately.

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