The Dynamic of Courier Industry in Indonesia and Company’s Response: A Lesson from PT XYZ Strategic

Zulkarnain Zulkarnain, DrIrIdqan Fahmi, DrIrAgus Maulana


Strategic management is a series of managerial
decisions and actions that determine the performance of a
company in the long term that consists of observations of the
situations, strategy formulation, implementation strategies, and
evaluation strategies. The purposes of this research are (1) to
study the dynamics of a courier company in Indonesia related to
the development of ICT and the rise of e-commerce business, (2)
to analyze the conditions and the ability of PT XYZ, (3) to
analyze industry foresight of PT XYZ, (4) to analyzethe gaps
between the results of industry foresight and policy PT XYZ in
the future, and (5) to create a strategic action plan and estimated
implementation time to minimize the gaps that would occur. The
research method used was descriptive method with acase study
approach using VRIO analysis, trend analysis, future strategies
forecast, scenario planning, gap analysis phase and preparation of
the action plans. VRIO analysis shows that most resources have a
parity or competitive advantage, while the business trend
analysis suggests that future business development is driven
mainly by the development of information and communication
technology (ICT) which has an impact on changes in many
business processes. The development and strengthening of
human resources would enhance the ICT system as well as the
construct of new services in the cities that are integrated with
web based and online real time shipment tracking systems as the
main pillars of the actionplanarranged for PT XYZ within the
next five years.

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