Factors influencing the adoption of Mobile banking services in Jordan from the perspective of customers: Overview and Pilot study

Jawdat Mohammad Al-Tarawneh


Mobile banking is part or result of the mobile
technological boom in recent years. Even though automated
teller machines (ATM), telephone, and Internet banking offer
effective delivery channels for traditional banking products,
mobile banking is likely to have significant effects on markets.
The main objective of this pilot study is to design and test a
questionnaire to measure the adoption of mobile banking
services by Jordanian customers. The findings of online survey
with 60 respondents describe Jordanians’’ adoption of mobile
banking in Jordan by identifying factors that explain their
intention to use Mobile banking services in Jordan. This online
Pilot survey shared over the email and other social media
channels. Results indicate that the factors significantly
influencing the Behavioral Intention to adopt online banking
include Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy and Social

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