Experimental Survey on Microbial Bioremediation of Food Wastewaters

Xue Lin Gui, Erhunmwunsee Famous, Jiangjin Rong, Ping Ma


Wastewater from food industries is increasingly
becoming more toxic in recent times. The concentrations of
pollutants like organic matters, fats, oil and grease (FOGS) in
food wastewater have been observed to increase in wastewater
bodies with increasing adverse effects on the environment. These
adverse effects on the environment result from the increasing use
of wastewater effluents in food restaurants and industries and
indiscriminate discharge of wastewater into the water drains by
industries and household. This dissertation aim to study in details
the experimental breakthroughs in microbial bioremediation of
food wastewaters across the globe, effects of current wastewater
treatment techniques employed in the removal of pollutants from
restaurants and food industries wastewaters. This survey shows
that the concentration of waster effluents on the environment are
of great negative impact and thus need to be given desired
attention in applying experimental achievements in the field for
future purpose. In achieving this, the paper has extensively
carried out its study through observation of recent experimental
works and other related sources in examining the success and
challenges in microbial bioremediation. Findings show that a lot
of successes have been achieved in the course of laboratory
experimentation and little has been achieved in field application
of these findings. the paper compare and contrast in details
diverse works in relation to composition of wastewaters,
microbial diversity, microbes remediation ability, success rate in
different environmental conditions as well as the effect of
microbial consortium in bioremediation process. The paper
recommends the application of these findings in laboratory
experimentation in the field for future purpose as a way for more
attention and appreciation to be given to microbes in remediation
process of food waste polluted waters.

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