‘Sani’ Powder Poison-Legally Banned

Dr.Avinash Avinash


Cowdung poison is commonly known as sani powder
poison in local tamil language in south india, it is a lethal
poisonous synthetic chemical . Cow dung was traditionally used
as a germicide & insect repellent to clean homes, courtyards &
temples in the state of Tamil Nadu, since the unavailability of
cow dung synthetic chemicals are used to prepare this sani
powder. sani powder poison is available in two colours that is
yellow and green .
‘Sani’ powder is available in two varieties:
1. Yellow powder: Auromine, chemically known as Diaryl
methane dye.
2. Green powder: Malachite Green, chemical constituent
being triphenyl methane.
The modern population started using this deadly ‘Sani’
powder instead of cow dung for the same purpose. This was
either due to nonavailability or inaccessibility of the natural cow
dung in the urban areas. Inspite of a legal ban on this chemical, it
is easily procurable at the grocery shops for a meagre price of 3 –
5 rupees/packet.
Cowdung poison is lethal as it has no antidote. This deadly
neurotoxic poison causes severe hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic, ocular
& GI damage, to prevent the damage of the multiorgans n-actyl
cystiene (NAC) drug have been used to counteract on this deadly

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