Development of a screening tool to improve the yield of HIV testing in Provider Initiated HIV testing and counseling for family-members of HIV infected persons and patients at JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching and Referral Hospital

Burmen B


The prevalence of undiagnosed HIV infection among
the Kenyan population was approximated to be 2%in 2012 and
with the maturing of the epidemic, there is a need to focus
resources on ensuring those who are HIV positive are on ART,
andto identify the undiagnosed HIV infected persons. With an
average cost per test estimated to be between USD 2-8, the
present cost-benefit ratio ofuniversal HIV Testing and
Counselling (HTC) programs are close to intolerable limits.
However, HIV infected persons who are unaware of their status
continue to unknowingly transmit HIV to their sexual partners
who may also in-turn infect other partners and propagate the
spread of the infection. We propose to develop a screening
interview (prior to HIV testing) that would have the highest yield
in identifying new HIV diagnoses among ambulatory and in
patients at the JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching and Referral
hospital (JOOTRH) and families of HIV infected persons
enrolled at the JOOTRH HIV Clinic. A mixed methods study
design will be employed. A retrospective medical record review
will be conducted at JOOTRH to describe the yield of HIV
testing among various patient categories and family members of
HIV infected persons at the HIVclinic. We will review records of
1500in patients and out patients who were seen at JOOTRH
between January-December 2014 and HIV testing records of
approximately 400family members of HIV infected persons
enrolled at the JOOTRH HIV clinic. From this, a screening
interview to increase the yield of HIV testing will be
developed.Prospectively we will operationally compare the yield
of the newly developed algorithm to routine testing. This will be
conductedamong 831patients in 24 hospital departments and
among family members of 277index cases at the JOOTRH HIV

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