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View Resource Scheduling in Round Robin Using Dynamic Task Quantum

Scheduling algorithms are accountable for arranging submitted jobs to available resources in cloud environment to get maximum utilization of resources and minimum response time and latency. The recommended algorithm mainly pivot on two basic factors first is variable task quantum which provide balanced waiting time among long and short tasks. Second is divide the Main Queue of ready tasks in to...
View Resource Ownership Structure On The Value Of Firms In Nigeria

The paper examined the ownership structure on the value of listed firms in Nigeria. The objective of the study was to ascertain whether debt to equity ratio and debt to asset ratio has a significant impact and relationship with returns on equity of corporations in Nigeria. The ex-post facto research design was adopted to observe the study variables in retrospect.
View Resource CNG (HCCI) Engine Performance on the Effect of Formaldehyde expansion by Changing Inlet Temperature

In this paper, packed petroleum gas homogeneous charge pressure start motor, CNG (HCCI) performance on the effects of formaldehyde addition by changing inlet temperature were researched. In this examination, the four-chamber, four-stroke motor was utilized. The outcomes got from the utilization of different level of formaldehyde expansion in CNG (HCCI) motor were analyzed with several inlet...
View Resource The Relationship between Service Quality of Sport Event and Customer Satisfaction A Study of President’s Gold Cup Volleyball Tournament - 2017

This particular study titled The Relationship between Service Quality of Sport Event and Customer Satisfaction” was accomplished with special reference to President’s Gold Cup Volleyball Tournament, 2017. This study was undertaken by focusing on the matter that was recognized from the National Volleyball Convention, 2017 and through records of Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation. In-depth...
View Resource Two Important Methods of Text Mining and Simple Visualization Techniques in Suggestions of Single Sided Defines

Recently, the services based on internet has grown rapidly raising an imminent question about its analysis of the information about suggestions of services. The organizations can be collecting the suggestions about the services from the consumer. Many suggestions are often available only through the information such as good or bad and another contain more non useful information by local slang.
View Resource Virtual Nature Environments Effects on Students’ Stress Level

The Malaysian’s Ministry of Health has revealed that mental health problems among Malaysian students are worsening where from one in 10 individuals in 2011 to one in five in 2016. Studies have shown that viewing photographs and videos of nature scenes can promote significant reductions in physiological stress and virtual environments provided a more dynamic alternative with greater ecological...
View Resource Social Intervention Schemes and Poverty Alleviation Among Nigerian Youths

The entrenchment of liberal democracy and its attendant participation of the constituents in Africa and Nigeria in particular has over the time heightened the level of youths’ engagements in the political processes. Bestowed with fundamental obligations arising from the principles of social contract, the state has become a social agency for providing safety nets for vulnerable youths in the...
View Resource The Influence Of Role Playing Learning Model On Sumpah Pemuda Materials On Learning Results And Character Matter Of Nationalism For Students In Senior High School

This study aims to analyze the presence or absence of the influence of the Role Playing model on the learning outcomes and character of homeland love in the youth oath material for students in MAN 2 in Probolinggo city. This study uses the Quasi-Experimental design method with a non equavent Pretest-posttest Control Group design.
View Resource The Effect of Work Environment and Work Stress on Employee Performance at PT. Solusi Transportasi Indonesia (Grab Palembang)

This study examines the effect of Work Environment and Work Stress to employees performance. The population in this study were employees at PT. Solusi Transportasi Indonesia (Grab Palembang).The sample technique used in this study is a census technique which means the respondents are all employees of PT. Solusi Transportasi Indonesia (Grab Palembang) as many as 118 people.
View Resource Causal Effects of Cognitive and Affective Factors on Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Performance

Learning to solve problems is one of the primary objectives in teaching and learning mathematics. However, results of the different achievement tests continued to show that problem solving is still one of the least learned skills in mathematics which is attributed to several cognitive and affective factors. This study investigated the direct and indirect effects of the identified cognitive and...