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Title: Overcoming barriers to learning for junior doctors in the delivery suite: A case study.

Authors: Dr. Vikas Acharya


     This case study was a medical educational development project undertaken as part of my Masters in Medical Education dissertation whilst I was working as a foundation trainee at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. Throughout my foundation training I noticed the challenges junior doctors faced in the workplace related to learning and putting theory into clinical practice, I wanted to undertake a project which specifically analysed and attempted to overcome some barriers in one of the busiest clinical environments, the delivery suite, and encourage others to think about improving workplaces to benefit their trainers/learners.

Being a foundation doctor is by no means easy, several factors influence the experience including the job role itself, the colleagues we work with, the institution and its attitude towards junior doctors but also our peers and the individual themselves. Perceptions, attitudes and motivation change as regularly at the rotation, people around us and learning opportunities.

There are many people I would like to thank who have contributed in some way, shape or form towards this project and assisted me during this journey:

Dr Clare Morris, my project supervisor, for her valuable thoughts and suggestions and feedback throughout the whole masters, especially during this project. Without her guidance I would have exited this course a long time ago and probably never would never have got the "Medical Education Bug".

My colleagues and the staff at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, especially Dr Amir Reyahi, Ms Shahnaz Akbar and Ms Samita Das, for their support and belief in medical education and for encouraging and nurturing my enthusiasm for workplace changes to enhance learning for junior doctors. I am very grateful for their time and efforts to allow my ideas to transpire into clinical practice, especially with their busy schedules.

Miss Sanchia Rima Biswas, for spending her free time proof-reading this report and providing invaluable advice and guidance which resulted in a report worthy of submission.

Prontaprint Kensington (Shila and Raju Raithatha) for printing, binding and making the report aesthetically beautiful, if nothing else, at least it looked the part.

Finally, thank you to all who have listened to me talk about nothing else other than writing this report and gave me support during this phase of my life, but most importantly during the whole process, a break from reality!

Overcoming barriers to learning for junior doctors in the delivery suite

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