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Title: Critical Review of the Management of Healthcare system in Nigeria: Emphasis on Health Workforce

Authors: Kehinde Gbolahan Somoye


     The basis of this study is the fact that Health and Human Development (through health) have significant impact or effect on the economic growth of the Nigerian Economy.

Health care system can be defined as the aspect of organizing people, resources and institutions which deliver health care services to meet the needs of the health of populations targeted. A semi meta-analytic approach was used to assess the rate of distribution of health work force in Nigeria and the quality of their productivity. Unequal distribution of health workers is a major challenge in Nigeria health sector which should be holistically looked into by the government.

Improved health workforce contributes majorly to economic growth in different ways which subsequently will lead to the attainment of VISION 2020. Therefore, spending on health workers is a productive investment because it can raise the citizens' health status and it reduces the suffering of individuals on ill health, thereby promoting better opportunities to achieve economic growth and development.

Critical Review of the Management of Healthcare system in Nigeria

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