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Title: Study the Effect of Salt Stress on Morpho-Molecular Characters of Wheat

Dr. Vaishali
Dr. Naresh Pratap Singh
Mr. Prabal Kumar


     Presently, there is much conflict between the genetic resources due to the ever growing population coupled with declining in arable land, ecological changes and loss of genetic diversity. These all factor made the biggest challenge to the researchers for improving the cereal crop specifically wheat. Present study was carried out to study the effect of salt stress on Morpho-molecular characters of wheat genotypes. For this the total of fifteen varieties were collected, to evaluate the genetic diversity under the normal field condition and the effect of salt stress on seedling stage the seeds of all varieties were grown in normal field and Hoagland solution under hydroponic system respectively. In the present study, Morpho-molecular physiological data were recorded at pre- harvest stage and at post harvest stage along with physiological characteristics. The study was performed under controlled as well as treatment condition and data recorded viz, germination, shoot length, root length, fresh weight and dry weight in both conditions that shows the resistance genotypes on the basis of morphological data recorded. A collection of fifteen variety of wheat diversified through SSR primer. The SSR primer was given information with higher value of resolving power. These results confirmed the usefulness of SSR -PCR analysis to detect specific molecular markers in wheat genotype. The SSR based dendogram grouped the fifteen genotypes into two main clusters. Cluster showed that the genotypes, the lowest similarity displayed by DBW-16 and KRL-213 analyzed and the genotypes PBW-550 and RAJ 3765 followed by Kharchia-65 displayed the greatest genetic similarity. The range of genetic diversity values broadly indicates the degree of heterogeneity or homogeneity in different genotypes of the plant species. Morpho-molecular physiological and genetic information obtained in this might be useful in agriculture.

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Effect of Salt Stress on Characters of Wheat

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