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Title: Natural Polyphenolics

Authors: Dr. N. Lokeswari, Lenin Kumar Bompalli


     NATURAL POLYPHELONICS is a brief introduction and classification of the natural tannins. It provides basic information about polyphenolic tannins. This Monograph is based mainly on the research work of ANACARDIUM OCCIDENTALES L. (Cashew tree), is the source for extracting tannins. Cashew tree psudo fruit are on the front and back cover. We are very greatful to the authors, a list of which is given in the bibliography.

Authors express their heartful gratitude to their parents and other family members whose love, care and moral support always in their daily lives. Every effort is made to prepare the monograph as accurately as possible, mistakes may occur. Readers are requested to communicate any errors in this monograph. We are very much appreciating criticisms, suggestions from my readers, which will be gratefully acknowledged. We are thankful to International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (IJSRP) for publishing this monograph.


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